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Since this transaction will be happening online with someone you’ve likely never met before, you’ll want to use a service like Escrow to ensure that the money and domain name are successfully exchanged. Otherwise, you’ll risk being scammed by giving away your domain name without ever receiving the money for it.
It will take you time to gain mastery on domain flipping. You might make many mistakes along the way and even lose money over ‘bad investments’. Bear in mind, that’s part of the learning process.
Yes We News Jump up ^ Cole, Mason. “The Domain Name Secondary Market” (PDF). ICANN. SnapNames. Retrieved 24 November 2015.
I love posts like this, it is so interesting to see what can happen. And when people like you share this stuff, it helps the rest of us understand and learn about the whole business of blogging, online business etc.

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make money with domains

make money with domains

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and you had to acquire three domains (each in a differnet extension) Hi Ilias, I’ve learned something new today! I didn’t Know we can make money from flipping domain names.
Healthcare Providers « Post the best name you have for sale for $5,000 or less
Dwolla 35/ with content in less than 10 inutes. G&J Holdings is owned by Greg Balestrieri and Joe Melville, cousins who grew up working in their family-owned candy company . They wanted to create easy access to sugary sweets online, so they made a big bet on the simple domain.
You will not find direct .com for them like, instead, you have to brainstorm to come up with innovation names around them such as I’ve done that same thing for so long, just writing down domain names that I thought would be HUGE. Find out, most of them are taken, but not all.
Feedback There are a lot of issues with parking domains as a means of making money. There are risks, and you can lose money for quite a while before you reach a point where you’re making money.
Well, the ocean is big. Your likelihood of cashing in on the motherlode is low, and you’re liable to waste a lot of time and money chasing after the wrong ships. You need a map or some other advantage to guide you toward that elusive booty.
50 Great Widgets For Your Blog David Kley Share your thoughts with other customers Sell domains Domaining is becoming a very popular investing and business opportunity. Although the business of investing in high quality domain names has been operating quietly for almost 10 years, it is now gaining notoriety. Recently there have been many articles in highly respected newspapers and magazines regarding the practice. In the past year I’ve become an amateur domain investor and although I’m not an expert I’ll share with you what I know so that you don’t have to make the mistakes I made.
Jump up ^ “ICANN Registry Statistics (.aero to .mobi)”. 19 January 2011. Retrieved 15 November 2011. Tax burden for UK small firms is growing, says report
To Start Investing! Menu Language Digital Point – The popular Digital Point forums regularly have established websites for sale and sales are peer to peer. Possible to find some good deals.
Home Side Cash Resources Domain Flipping in 2017: Is it still a Lucrative Online Business Today? Go List your domains on the world’s largest marketplace.Our world-class support team is ready to help.
Batch Bidding Ad Choices Everyone is Doing Keyword Research Wrong. Here’s the Right Way
If your domain name is related to a particular niche, then you may find success by advertising in forums that are related to that niche. Simply placing a link in the signature of your posts can tremendously speed up the selling process. While it may be possible to find prospective webmasters on niche-specific forums, it is generally better to advertise on webmaster forums, where there is a high volume of potential customers.
If not, consider whether there is any way you can slightly alter or modify the name to still make it work. For example, would adding a hyphen between words work? What about abbreviations?
No spamming. Listing domains, products, or services will get the comment deleted Critical Thinking
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Windows Ethnographic Art: American Indian, Pre-Columbian & Tribal Business ValuationEditor’s ChoiceResources|Start Selling thanks for this post, as usual your blog it’s worth the time I spend everyday to read it.
Top 8 Keyword Tool for Bloggers – Review Great post! 8 Lectures 20:21 New York City
Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. – Specializes in the sale of fully functional custom built e-commerce websites. Most sites are set up with dropshipping capabilities. More about Sedo
35/ Register Domains Just get the ownership, offer to businesses and make money.
Thanks for sharing. Pool Marketplace Domains Sadly I would also be the first to admit that’s possible, but it’s still worth it regardless.
Everything included in one easy process Flip Domains or Flip Websites? For $56/month, you are able to view an extensive database of expiring domains that includes relevant metrics such as DA/PA, backlinks, Trust Flow (a Majestic Metric), domain age, Ahrefs information, and more:
What Is Escrow? Internet Privacy Week To find a satisfactory answer to this question, I am going to make a list of some of the most expensive domain name sales ever. The amount of
Hi there! I’m glad you’ve stumbled across my blog! I’m a Canadian University student with a passion for marketing, clickbait, passive income, and the incredible power of the internet. Stick around if you want to read on!
German Home Entertainment Grant @MillennialMoney Would you buy this name if you were in the space? If so, why? Comics & Comic Art
You may have heard the term, ‘domain flipping’ and the investment potential it has, but have shied away from trying it yourself? DIGITAL.COM $373,000
5 Comments CUTE.COM $230,000 E-Mail security Ultimately, I think this free domain hunting tool offers a great solution for novice flippers to get in on the action.
P2P TOOLBOX: 30+ Peer to Peer Services Stefan Juhl says: Where to find ideas for domain names to register? Create e-mail accounts under your own domain in an easy and cheap way. Also, you will be able to host a small website without additional costs.
Finally, some premium top level domain names can be purchased on a payment plan. is a site that offers domains with a down payment and then monthly payments over five years. There’s no obligation to continue making payments if you decide you no longer want the domain or are unable to sell it to someone else.
View Support database Jump up ^ Jackson, Ron. “Inside a Drop Catcher’s War Room: How eNom Arms Maker Chris Ambler Is Turning The Tide for Club Drop”. Domain Name Journal. Retrieved 24 November 2015.
Home» Categories » Finance and Business » Managing Your Money » Making Money » Making Money Online 32/ That said, my recommended budget for beginners would be $500+. Using this budget you could buy a bunch of high-potential $10 domain names, expired/dropped domain names or a mix of both. It’s very important to invest only what you can afford to lose and treat this as a side hustle till you get the momentum going. As you gain experience, industry expertise and some sales under your belt, you can then consider slowly growing your business into a full-time gig.
Outsourcing (59) Giveaways 0% You could wind up purchasing a domain name with a trademarked name without realizing it. There are dozens of other free and premium websites/tools you can use to research and buy expiring/expired domains.
As people who normally use internet only to check emails, shop, tweet, upload pictures, update facebook status or conduct some business, a large majority of us remain oblivious to the domain name and domain flipping industry. So, when we do decide to venture into it for some reason, it is only natural for us to carry some commonly known myths associated with it. It can also be easier than building a website from a scratch. Although with easy to follow guides relating to how to create a blog – many are choosing to go down this route and add value to their domain names rather than selling undeveloped.
Best Coffee Machines -Brian Find Expired Domains Great Deals on We covered a lot, what is domain flipping, some crazy success stories and step by step guide to buying and selling domain names. This is something you could totally start right now as another way to make money.
babony says: I stated the blog with big plans, but then I stopped writing. Now here was my chance to make $44,700 on my domain investment and I didn’t have to write another post, or have the guilty feeling that I should be writing more. Everything rational investor in me told me to sell! Get rid of it! Take the money! Build a new kitchen!
Recent Articles Distinction from cybersquatting[edit] Become an Instructor Write Guest Post for DigiFloor
If you want to know more about that, look up domain squatting. Suffice it to say, if you don’t own the trademark but you’re parking the domain, it can be taken from you and the trademark owner is under no obligation to compensate you for it.
Findarolem3mp4 Full WordPress solution with quick setup and fast speeds. Read more 4 min read
Development Tools Regardless of whom you purchase the domain from, the first step is to move it to your registrar. There are obviously many out there but my registrar of choice is It’s not a super popular registrar but they’re extremely reliable and I love them for a few reasons:
how to buy and sell websites and get a good profit | selling domain names on sedo how to buy and sell websites and get a good profit | selling domain names on godaddy how to buy and sell websites and get a good profit | selling domain names on shopify

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    While it may sound easy, you will make mistakes and lose good deals during the first few months. Do not give up because you will get the hang of it soon.

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    The domains of more than two words are more suitable for mirconichos, but if you intend to open to a general market, try to limit yourself to the two words, in fact, some important platforms for selling domains such as those mentioned below, are limited only to this range and general extensions.

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    There are a ton of companies that just buy a domain to sell, and I agree it is frustrating. With many of our internal projects, we come up with clever domain choices, only to find out that the domain is taken AND with no website built for it! Only bought or registered just to resell. 
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    Content setup: If your domain has potential to attract good search engine traffic, you might want to set up some content to help facilitate that. If this helps your domain do better in the search engine rankings then it’s a big win regardless of whether you choose to flip the domain only or flip the domain with the content as a “website”. The SEO value will be helpful either way.

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  5. I stated the blog with big plans, but then I stopped writing. Now here was my chance to make $44,700 on my domain investment and I didn’t have to write another post, or have the guilty feeling that I should be writing more. Everything rational investor in me told me to sell! Get rid of it! Take the money! Build a new kitchen!
    So I think people need to really assess why they are dabbling in domain investing? If you don’t understand branding, linguistics, have a great sales pitch? Owning stock in Verisign or GoDaddy might be a better way to participate in the upside of domain names.

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