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im0001 5 years ago HOSTING   June 2016 Here are some of the best places to buy expired domains:
Deleting Domains Registering domain names to try to sell them to someone else is risky. It requires research to pick the right domain names. Understanding where the opportunities are will help you get a leg up.
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“…Within 10 minutes I had two offers at $150. I told them I would think about it and one raised their offer to $175. This morning I had an email waiting for me from someone that offered $299. I accepted the offer and am now in the transfer process with them.”
Talk about an industry that’s not newbie friendly Flippers can add value to a home and neighborhood and thus deserve to be compensated. I’m not exactly sure what value domainers are adding. If they were selling domains with a website built around it, free seo services for a few months, fresh and unique content, then that would be a different story.
Peace of mind, security, and convenience In addition to flipping, domainers have other ways of making money from their investments. Most domainers post ads on their Web sites, which can generate a decent monthly income. And Jackson says more and more domainers are teaming up with Web developers to create their own online businesses.
You could use it yourself and start a WordPress blog. You could also sell it.
In today’s SEO (2015) the answer would be a big no! With changes to the google algorithm and the constant updates panda, penguin, what’s next…., much of the “keyword url” power is now gone. While there was a day when it made sense to buy a good named .com and expect instant indexing, not so anymore unless the site is very strong coming in ,which in that case you’ll drop a minimum $50k. If you are willing to drop that kind of money and the site has a high domain authority, it might make sense as long as it matches whatever product or service that you’re trying to sell. Just my opinion…
Overview Answer this question Flag as… Sedo ha a domain parking system that you can use, though it’s aimed more at people who want to make serious money off of a portfolio of parked domains. In fact, they generally recommend that you have, at minimum, a portfolio of at least 500 parked domains. They also act as a broker if you choose to sell the domains.
Interior Design Domain Name Idea Generator Some of the websites where you can buy expired domains also provide some of these metrics, but I’ll go into that later.
Images sourced from pixabay You seem really experienced and professional when it comes to site flipping. Your post is very informative and I am sure that not only me, but most of us here really appreciate this. You make it sound to easy but in actual it really takes a lot of effort and patience. Are you still doing it now?
Simon Ahmed, I’m making money online. What else is there to say? Hey Gaurav, Thanks for the very informative blog post. I’m just starting to get my feet wet with domains. I’ll definitely employ some of the methods described in the post to get me started. Great work! Bookmarked! 😀
Twitter ID (No links or “@”) 2014-07-20T14:58:23-07:00 Home & Property Services So, let’s dive into how to flip domains! Your domain’s estimated value is: $1,311 (USD)
Upload file If you can answer these questions with confidence and know this niche well, you probably already have an idea of who to contact and how to make a compelling case for how this domain could help their business grow.
Get My FREE $100+ a Day Book Here… So, as we can see, there is money to be made in the rare domain name sphere as well.
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15 Ways To Create Website Screenshots Make an offer sales are well-suited for niche domains that may not have a lot of interest and/or where the exact value of the domain isn’t well known.
50 Great Widgets For Your Blog How have you honed your techniques to find the biggest revenue opportunities? Jim Iyke: Net Worth
How to Make $3,889.65 in Less Than a Month with 10 Minutes of Work Many advertisers and marketers are concerned that social media will soon replace domain names completely and make them go obsolete. This fear is even more real nowadays because many online businesses and startups are using the power of social media to connect to their target audience.
5 Million – 7.5 Million USD ($)   i found this post very helpful to me, Tip no. #2, #9, #13 very useful to me, this post will help me Choosing right domain for me
If I had more time, I would love to get into something like this. I love a good domain name, and it’s crazy what some people will pay for internet real estate. But you’re right, so many good ones are taken these days!
Academics Yes, dot whateverS have lots of “values” in your fantasy world.
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Created by Angshuman Dutta Jump up ^ “Examples of typosquatted domains detected by Microsoft’s Strider project”. Retrieved 15 November 2011.
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