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Jerry says: While this section may seem like it would be the longest/most important, it actually isn’t. Remember Neil Patel’s earlier quote, “you make money on the purchase, not the sale”? Well, we’ve already made the purchase. At this point, if you have a good domain name, it’s only a matter of putting it out there.
Best Speakers Hi Brendon, if you have domains that you do not use, you can list them in a marketplace if you feel that they can be sold.
Bonus Lecture: Free Coaching – Absolutely FREE Nic Danger says GoDaddy has their own system called CashParking for domain parking. Unlike the other systems, they charge you a monthly premium for their system. You also only earn a percentage of the revenue from the parked domains, which varies depending on the plan you buy.
MOBILE PRODUCTIVITY TOOLBOX: 45+ Mobile Productivity Resources Easy to set up and completely free Here’s a list of marketplaces to explore, most of which are free to use, but will charge varying commissions depending on how the domains are sold.    
Pinterest Time cold-calling and email blasting potential buyers in industry niche to purchase said domain: approx 8 hours = $400 1 Kudo Designer
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James is a content marketing and SEO professional who enjoys the challenge of driving sales through blogging while creating awesome and useful content.
Our marketplace and forms are fully GDRP compliant as well. Ilias November 6, 2017 10 January, 2017 Just because you bought high-quality domain names, it not means people will going email you offering thousands of dollars for your domain. You have to let people know you have it for sale and how it can benefit them.
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When not trading digital real estate, Aron loves to collect vintage sneakers and he frequently attends car shows. But as soon as he could, he jumped back in. That was about two years ago, and ever since, he’s been buying an average of 300 names a day and selling them through his company, That business, he said, brings in about $400,000 a month.

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Learn how to make money from home flipping and selling domain names.
Jamie’s software and the marketplace for members only inside the program can be an advantage if you use it with the right way. OTHERS
There are several types of domain names to avoid. One is intentional misspellings, as these make it less likely someone will search for them. You also want to avoid names with extra symbols like hyphens, or with added prefixes and suffixes like “e” or “my.” Outside of a few notable exceptions with very strong brands (like eBay), those additions can only hurt the value.[3]
Help center Selling and buying domains in forums is a great way to sell and buy domains directly without intermediaries agreeing prices with buyers and interested people. $65,000 United Kingdom UK Once I discovered Flippa, it blew my mind. Domain investing is such a fun game to get into, and there’s always so much potential. Well done on resisting the temptation to sell!
Free Webtools from FreeValuator, also available free tools include: How To Start A Blog (& Make Money) Like any investment, domain names come with their own set of risks. However, for diligent investors who consider the risks and returns thoroughly, domain names can become an investment that yields high returns, and a unique way to diversify his/her portfolio of investments.
How to List domain with MarketPlace 1 It’s hard to tell you exactly what makes a great domain, but a high TF and CF is a good start. A good variety of referring domains and separate IP’s is better too. Don’t be alarmed if you see many external backlinks vs referring domains (as long as it’s not thousands). On further research some sites have footer backlinks for this domain.
chiesaraha on How to Find Youtube Videos that You Can “Steal” and Use for Yourself… Perfectly Legal! Buying Domain Names TOFUmonkey says:
Sign up Foro20 Forum of webmasters of Spain and Latin America. How to Determine the Maximum Amount You Should Pay for a Domain Name Find Now → GDPR Data Access Request
Pros: An expired domain has history. Age, traffic and SEO properties like domain DA/PA make the domain more valuable. Even if the domain name itself wasn’t that great, if it’s old (say registered 10 years ago) and has high DA and PA, it’ll be much more valuable than if it was never registered and hence never had any history.
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  1. Marco says:
    you jump into this domain flipping business. This article would help you
    I am happy to help, Jim. Thanks for the feedback!
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    Nothing to worry about, Jaime. Sometimes it takes a while for the whois info to be updated.
    When the dealing is big, bidder asks for a warranty from the seller so that he does not face any future disputes. A notary is also signed to make the deal official and face legal consequences if situation arises.

  2. This sort of strategy has been famous for quite some time now and I am curious though, is it still good to invest nowadays on such practice?
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    Finding a valuable name is just one part of the battle won. The next step is to figure out how to sell these domains. Each method has its pros and cons so make sure you know the ins and outs before embarking onto the process.
    Interesting Finds Updated Daily
    The program has two software, Domainer Elite Pro and Lite. You can see how the Lite works in the video below.
    Monthly Blog Growth and Income Recap – June 2018

  3. Internet has become the face of everything on this planet and consequently, everyone ranging from individuals to organizations is looking for an online identity. The rising demand for the perfect website domain name has also given rise to a subsequent domain name marketplaces where you can buy domains as an investment or as a business owner. There are endless numbers of platforms where you can choose to sell your domains and make a good amount of money with little investment. However, as the process of buying and selling domain has become a full-fledged business, along comes the competition. If you are starting out, it can be quite daunting to get through to the right audience. Well, here are 8 top market places where your investment can find the right leads and give you an encouraging start to a unique career/business in domain industry.
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    lot of links back to this one.. great link bait
    I find a common problem with a lot of early bloggers is they burn out after not seeing an immediate ROI. If we start the site for the right reasons, then we’re bound to stick with it.
    By: David Kley July 2nd, 2014
    Create A Business Email Address with 1&1
    This works best when you can equate a time-frame to a specific event during that time. An example here could be

  4. How to Choose a Blog Domain Name- Blogging 101
    and the domain had to be a newly hand reg ONLY
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    February 12, 2018 at 5:36 pm
    So where do you find expired domain names?

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  6. Reliable and secure cloud-based hosting for your website.
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    Try, you will be much happier!

  7. Currently, the (.com) domain extensions are the most popular, but like I mentioned. There are 280 different types of domain extensions possible. Most people though associate a web address with a (.com) extension. So I will focus on these.
    Over the past five years, Aishwin has had a personal hand in over a thousand domain name transactions. He often shares his knowledge and experience with aspiring online entrepreneurs at events, conferences and startup-meetups.
    Personally I hate people that buy a domain just to sit on it and try and sell it for a profit…. saying that if someone takes the time to build a site on a domain that is genuinely interesting to people and is not just a spam site/spam content and then goes on to want to sell it I am not as bothered.
    Usability Testing
    I listed the bundle for sale at auction and bidding swiftly surpassed my reserve price. Not too long after the reserve was met, I was messaged by a bidder to negotiate a Buy It Now price. We settled on $7,500, and just like that — two weeks later — I was sitting with more than $5,000 in profit in my pocket. I was immediately hooked.
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    Following this period, the domain name becomes ‘expired’ and is then entered into auction by the domain registrar.
    I think this is what happens to us as we enter domaining. We go for the low hanging fruit, not realizing that everyone else has the same access to that low hanging fruit.

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    4. Sell the domain name
    DMOZ Listing Checker
    Generic Names
    Set Up Affiliate Link Ads
    Follow these steps if you want to get involved in domain flipping:

  10. SARAH N.
    I am happy to help, Jim. Thanks for the feedback!
    6 Easy Ways to Earn Free PayPal Money Online (Without Surveys!)
    Following this period, the domain name becomes ‘expired’ and is then entered into auction by the domain registrar.
    Maximize Your Profits

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    In any case, I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post on online side hustles and making money online!

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