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It would be great to see an article as to how to promote the sell of a domain!  However, unlike the guy who managed to buy for a minute, expired domain names rarely fall into your lap.
75 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs You might like: …and NO… I am not affiliated with that dude. However, I am interested in the ebook but I think it could be shit… I don’t know.
Gmail Would you recommend this class to other students? It’s not a real sale is what I’m saying. When your looking for domains to sell in the software, after you have done the search… you will want to look at and pay attention to the first words in the domain name, WHY?
Domain names are hot commodities in today’s tech-centric world. The $16 million sale of ‘’ to Quinstreet in 2009 may have set the world record, but even lengthier domain names are routinely sold for hundreds of dollars every day. The result is a unique opportunity for investors to invest in domain names that can be sold for a profit in the future.
True. If you are setup for these type of sales, and have the audience, it could work. Lots of outbound marketing, lots of hit or miss. 5:45 pmOctober 6, 2015 Bluebird
Contribute What links here June 12, 2017 by Rhys 5 Comments DOMAIN MARKET   Dbramley Affiliate Program Opeyemi Quadri I was thinking about this long time ago, and even considered entering the business of flipping domains. Your post simplified the process and I can now understand how this thing works. Thank you.
List of Sites That Allow Guest Posting – Guide for Beginners Once bidding meets your reserve price, you’ll be obligated to sell the property for the highest bid you accept, so your reserve price really matters a lot. It can be as low as $1, or as high as you want it to be.
A great place to look is CNET Top 5 PRO TIP :- This will help with finding keyword domains, which sell very well.
If you don’t mind spending some money (not recommended for beginners), you can use RegisterCompass. This is an advanced online domain search tool that enables you to search in expiring, expired & auction domains. It lest you filter your list on metrics such as Google PageRank, AlexaRank, Traffic, and many more.
Find domain with popular keyword that buyers would be interested in. A simple way to get in on expired domain auctions or backorder domains.
2014-07-06T12:58:51-07:00 I am also having few domains with me which I had not purchased for selling them but specific purpose. Due to some reason I am still not work on that projects. Let me think on this way also. Thx for such a nice post.
Know More Professional Organizations It’s hard to tell you exactly what makes a great domain, but a high TF and CF is a good start. A good variety of referring domains and separate IP’s is better too. Don’t be alarmed if you see many external backlinks vs referring domains (as long as it’s not thousands). On further research some sites have footer backlinks for this domain.
How are domains sold? Other Domain Research Tools: call 0330 660 0255status support Sales Chat log in on Everyday Items Great! Sign up for our newsletter to learn more ways to make extra money:
Mashable For example, is something that many people type in the web address bar to go to the website. Some people type as well by mistake and hence, if you buy a domain name with and place some advertisement, you can get some money from page views all over the world.
Josh says l 501-1000 employees 1.5 Million – 2 Million First, I’m going to recommend heading over to Just Dropped. 
List Building (68) Joe July 3, 2012, 11:23 am Culinary Yes, the numbers seem good, but assumptions are being thrown around. I want to see proof. It may take a lot of visitors to even pull in a few cents, and who says domain names good enough to snag the occasional direct hit exist anymore for a decent price? If this is one of those things where its a definite 3%, well then that’s great… if you have a ton of money. Otherwise it doesn’t get you very far.
Learn How To Make Money Online, For Real. 2014-07-20T14:58:23-07:00 38 High DA, TF, CF Featured Services $50.25
Blog Home Windows 8 desktop, Windows 7, XP & Vista Through our system, you only ever interact with Heart Internet. You won’t need to individually contact third-party sellers or work out the details of complicated transfers. We do all the work for you, from search to purchase to transfer, and we’ll automatically place the domain in your account as soon as the transaction is complete. There will be no additional or hidden fees – the price you see is the price you pay, and you only pay once the domain is in your account.
@Gene Dropping Domains Valuable visitor statistics can be used as the basis for purchase negotiations OUR MISSION
Close dialog How to Become Independent by Working Online: 7 Tips and Tricks With over 17 million customers worldwide and over 75 million domain names under management, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work.
Latin As a the largest online licensed and audited escrow operator, we safely hold the Buyer’s payment in a trust account until the entire transaction is complete. That way, Buyers can be confident the domain will be registered in their name and Sellers can be sure they’ll be paid.
You can directly find out enduser who seek companies/people who hold interested domain names targeting their business industry. The domain names are based on geographical location like In this case, real estate professionals in NewYork city may wish to buy this domain name. Domain names describing the location have more chance to make money in domain flipping business.
Follow @HellBoundBlog Pool Marketplace Domains Yet that does not mean that a geo targeted exact match is not going to give you an edge over certain competators, in fact I have developed most of these domains with basic websites to rack up domain age and some sort of reputation.
Excited yet? Well, you should be. But you might be thinking: What are the odds of me making these huge sales? You’re right, they’re slim. Most Realistic iOS Watercoling App – $170k lifetime revenue
July 27, 2018 Share this: Get appraisals for your domain names. When selling, you will want to know what kind of price you should expect to get for your sites. There are a variety of websites that offer free appraisals for valuation. This includes larger domain auction sites such as,, and These of course are only estimates, but they can give you a good idea of what certain domains might be worth.
These keywords are great for affiliate marketers like me who want to build niche sites. You must check out many niches and make a research for many hours if you want to find 10-15 profitable domains.
Sort by: Join the conversation Forum Administration (620) So the keyword planner came up with 332 keywords related to ripple, most of which can be used to inspire a domain registration related to ripple. Let’s go ahead and get some more ideas. We already know that ripple is another cryptocurrency. Let’s head to NameBio and explore crypto-related domain sales. We’ll use bitcoin for this experiment. I’ll type in “bitcoin” in NameBio search, select “show all” and then sort by price by clicking on the price column. Here’s what it looks like:
someone can think that this is an unethical way to earn money, but for what I know it’s legal money. – The phrase alone “Really Good Joke” has between 10k – 100k average monthly searches, this is the highest searched name I found. Meaning that people are regularly looking for a really good joke. So having the domain name that matches exactly this search, will be very valuable.
Seasoned domain flippers might have reportedly lucrative track records, but even they don’t sell domain names for profit every single time. Tips & Tricks (313) Submit to Mailbag
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Grad Entry Exam How many similar domains should one buy while starting an internet business? Photographers There’s still good money in domains but don’t look for the obvious intl. .com domains – they’re taken 99% of the time. And don’t believe you’ll be able to get a bunch of high-value domains.
01:58 39 Comments Open Menu If you’ve had success with domain flipping, or are interested in starting out, we’d love to hear from you!
When they find one that looks a nice one, they do not know where to sell it Teaching Tools
● Do not think that ‘.COM’, ‘.ORG’ and ‘.NET’ are the only worthy domains. ‘.US’ and ‘.IO’ are emerging as excellent domain names too; you just have to do your research.
Typosquatting — The exception to brand names is typosquatting, where domainers register names that are spelled incorrectly. However, there is still risk involved. The best typo domains are for regular, non-brand/ trademark words. Typosquatting is one of the key techniques that Kevin Ham used to build his $300M domain empire.
Amazon Assistant If someone had a deal with Verisign, meaning they could get a LL or LLL .tv without a premium renewal, when it expired someone could jump on it and get the name. It’s how I first came to communicate with John Berryhill, back in 2004 a monster name that truly fit the extension dropped. Now at this time Verisign had some names with outrageous registration fees and renewals. was $50,000 a year at one time.
BEST FREE ONLINE BUSINESS TRAINING & BLOGGING PLATFORM (SEE BELOW) Sign Up Also Uniregistry is another great registrar, I use it to find all the new generic top-level domains. They have them all. They are also the administers of .audio, .auto, .blackfriday, .car, .cars, .christmas, .click, .diet, .flowers, .game, .gift, .guitars, .help, .help, .hiphop, .hiv, .hosting, .juegos, .link, .lol, .mom, .photo, .pics, .property., sexy, and .tattoo.
The term flipping implies a sale that is done in a flip, or in a quick and sudden manner. You cannot be considered a domain flipper if all you do is just list your domain names and wait for years for them to sell. At its core, domain flipping is about spotting the right opportunities at the right time, involving strategic buying and selling of websites for profit.
Last Updated: June 18, 2018 Use Pinterest To Promote Your Business Don’t list it in only a single website: list your domains in as many websites as possible. You just need a single view to sell your domain name. If interested you can try our website we provide free listing.
China Twitter How To Make Money With Domain Parking Latest Articles METHOD 2: Find a domain name with huge potential, turn it into a website, and sell it – The second route is more doable, since established websites that already generate some kind of income are more attractive to buyers.
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  1. It’s a legitimate way to make money, and it’s called domain flipping.
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    When you have a niche domain, you can make offers to various prospective buyers who may be interested in buying.
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    Smart Home
    Short, one or two word domains
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  2. If you choose a domain name registered by someone else, you can find the owner and see if they want to sell it. Marketplaces like Sedo have an auction site where owners can list their domain names for sale.
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  3. We keep forgetting that most companies will buy a domain because of the actual name and not the rankings.. If they want it, they will pay
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    Free WordPress Installation & Blog Setup
    So, out of all of the money he invested in random newG’s he could have easily afforded that killer industry specific 2 word dot com. He actually had a look of surprise, like, Yeah, you’re right!
    Domain Investing.
    Primary market speculation[edit]
    Domain Samurai is completely free and there is also a free version of domain face (with the option to upgrade for more results/metrics if you wish).
    Negotiating The Best Price For Selling Your Domain
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  4. Personally I hate people that buy a domain just to sit on it and try and sell it for a profit…. saying that if someone takes the time to build a site on a domain that is genuinely interesting to people and is not just a spam site/spam content and then goes on to want to sell it I am not as bothered.
    When done right, the domain trade is an enterprise that lends itself to particularly lucrative deals. The tactic is simple: domain names are purchased with the prospect of reselling them for a wide profit margin. But the trick of this trade lies in securing domains that may later be valuable to well-endowed buyers, such as a large company. We have laid out all the important facts and terms on the topic, including some of the highest sale prices on record for a publicly traded .com domain.
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  5. Mann held his own — big time. He built up a business called BuyDomains that in 2005 he sold to Boston-based Highland Capital for about $80 million. That business is now called NameMedia, and it’s going strong, though in 2008 it pulled its planned IPO because of the economic meltdown. One thing that Mann sold to NameMedia: A patent he was awarded in 2003 for a system he developed to generate domain name recommendations and then register the domains.
    It is not as easy as people says it is. You would need to do research and predict which domains would likely pick up. You would want to choose certain keywords when purchasing. Check the stock market for company names and try to go with that for starters.
    Register Domains
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    This is a post on domain flipping for beginners.

  6. Most of us know people in business or people in marketing so when you educate people about the power of dynamite domains they will invariably want to get some for their business.
    Typosquatting — The exception to brand names is typosquatting, where domainers register names that are spelled incorrectly. However, there is still risk involved. The best typo domains are for regular, non-brand/ trademark words. Typosquatting is one of the key techniques that Kevin Ham used to build his $300M domain empire.

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