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What is My Domain Name Worth? October 2016 sexy Because many times people don’t understand the actual value of a domain. This is why a simple $10 domain name can be sold at $50 or $100 just after a year or sometimes not even waiting for a year. Many would buy it just for its age.
Talk is cheap. If you have insides you should at least share with your readers.
2) Bought them from the initial owners (that’s what I did in order to be able to have such an impressive portfolio) for a lot of money. I’ll tell you this much: when auctioning domains (what I’m doing now), you sometimes have to even sell at a loss for the sake of liquidity and that says a lot about what I’m doing with the auction if you know what I mean.
46 Percent Of Internet Users Are Aware Of New Domain Extensions [Survey] Sam Leith All News #Business, Leadership, Starting a business
Step 4: Scroll down and select “Continue with these options”. Review: Wix / Weebly / BigCommerce You May Click Here To Visit Flippa
The Nametoken ICO will create a decentralized domain name ecosystem and will launch an ICO on 1st of August 2017. 90% of the tokens will be made available for investors.
consumer without giving too much information, so they access to their domain, 2 star Premium Plans
I’m a beginner here wanting to try my luck in investing in domain. Are there anymore advices for me to startup?
Startup Subscribe 3 Flip Domains or Flip Websites? These will cost more to purchase, but you also could sell it for a larger profit to the right buyer.
9 hours agoMegan Rose Dickey …When you list your domain names on Go Daddy premium, you can sell them for say $150 and you would have brought it for only $3, can you see?
Tim Ferriss Now at Tim.Blog, Successfully Switches Site off August 5, 2017
A total of 9,954,471 out of 11,881,376 five letter combinations (.com) are available and not yet registered. 1,926,905 five letter domain names are already registered.
Rick Ace, Mar 6, 2016 Share#18 December 24, 2016 at 8:56 am Domaining is still an interesting business with opportunity that can be enjoyable and profitable. The domainer of the future must realize the game has changed, it never was the easy money newcomers thought it was and now that notion should be completely put to bed. It is going to require more capital, more research and being active in selling your domains and standing out in a crowd of 400 million domains.
HOLY SMOKE Eric Lyon, Apr 8, 2015 Share#1 And he’s not the only one who thinks so. As the real estate and credit markets plummet, the so-called domain aftermarket, where Internet addresses that cost less than $10 to register are bought and resold for thousands of dollars, is thriving.
3. Get the right deal Yes No welcome that is not a lie, but nowadays people care more about the surface
This will also help you save some time and money, plus web hosting providers often provide a FREE domain.
Commercial Photography Another bad claim that was accepted by the panel was that the logo was similar to that of the bus company. While both logos are red and include the same letters (for obvious reasons), there is little similarity.
Check Email Spam databases: Check the domain in spam blacklist databases such as UltraTools’. While there are usually processes in place that allow you to dispute blacklist placements, it may not be worth the hassle and could be an early “no-go” indicator.
→ CookiesCookie Policy If your purpose in buying a trademarked term as a domain name is to try to confuse people, you’re opening yourself up to having a complaint filed against you and having to give up the domain name. Even if you’re not trying to create confusion, you’re likely to face some legal challenges by buying trademarked terms in your domain name. To be safe, you can search for U.S. trademarks at and make sure no one owns a trademark on the name you are considering.
There have been a few names that I have sold too cheaply, but still at a great return. I did this to balance my risk (even though mathematically I think I should have just held the names and added all renewals to debt). Who knows?!
There are some company employees who only show up in blogs as emissaries of their corporate brand. They’ll coddle people, never criticizing or pushing back, since they want everyone as a future customer. That seems nice. But they will also be speaking solely as a sales pitch – with a lot of hype and spin, thinking about customer relations rather than truth or accuracy.
Reply Link ExoticCarAuction Can I buy .com domains at 1&1 and what’s the pricing? Think about that. In less than 25 months, these products, which many people doubted, now collectively account for nearly 5 percent of a product that has primarily been on the market for more than 20 years.
So here’s the question – can we create an environment where investors can put $100,000 or more into a single domain name and know that asset will be protected like it is with stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate? What can we do as an industry to improve the process and take the risk out of owning six and seven figure domain names?
Recent comment authors Ykoops says Vocal Hi there! Support Message History 3. How to Change Domain NameServers? We don’t believe in charging extra for support either, so it’s as easy as calling us on our local-rate phone number. Prefer to keep things online? You can email us or drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter.
Changing has been coming for years people we all know, see and feel it.. If you think the URL has more potential as a technology and utility then it will go up, way up once it finds its real marriage. Contrib and vnoc are doing some good things that if it works will add value across the board.. Crypto has liquidity now, but its not like virtual land and anytime you play a new market or a game or anything, play the land, you never go wrong if you play our risk/reward and acquisitions correctly….c
For almost every domainer, the big money is in the actual flip, not the domain maintenance. So just as with real estate, one of the biggest keys to domaining success is to limit your overhead during the holding period when you are waiting for your buyer. In this section, we cover some common and not-so-common techniques for monetizing your domain to cover your overhead expenses.
@ Troy DISCLOSURES Cancel Selling domains to crypto companies does not really connect the 2. People have been making money in domaining by selling to certain niches for 20+ years. That doesn’t really connect the 2.
I make a point of reading CircleID. There is no getting around the utility of knowing what thoughtful people are thinking and saying about our industry. [Note: This is a sponsored article.]
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Actionable Analytics Bear component of Bearglecorn logo from “Landskonferansen 2010” by Taral Jansen, used under CC BY 2.0 1and1 continues to be my number 1 domain host provider, because of reliability and ease of use!
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Keep it short and easy to remember (our domain “Web Hosting Secret Revealed” is a bad example!) ThirstyAffiliates
technology $75 USD Logo Contest – Do you have some design skills and need an extra $75.00 in your pocket? Check out this logo design contest and see if you can win.
August 18, 2017 FTP hosting Wildcard SSL (Unlimited Subdomains) You can research domain authority and page authority metrics by using the Link Explorer feature on
Expired domain names sometimes pass through several owners before arriving at the auction you’re bidding on.

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United States – English I would create a post based around this in the Q&A section. You would most likely get a lot of good responses. 
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This is why it’s important to have the right mindset when starting out. Do not go in with the “I will buy this domain and sell it for millions overnight” mindset. Best Web Hosting Services
Domain Backorder Love food? Why not make money with a food blog? Thanks for commenting,
sale Finding good domain names to resell is what would typically take most of your time. There are so many different approaches and strategies here. I’ll try to stick to the simpler ones that are budget and beginner friendly. But first, let’s discuss what makes a good domain:
Bernie (aka Smithie)on January 11, 2010 12:15 pm Registration lease times can vary depending on the extension – some domain names you can register for up to 10 years at a time. The standard period you can register,,, or names is 2 years. That is another myth we can bust – you cannot buy a domain name forever; however, you can continually renew registration to maintain control over it.
March 26th, 2007 at 9:06 am Shawn Hanson Language Domains (IDNs) My private thoughts How to Protect Yourself—And Profit—As China Slows Down
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work hard and are really lucky, can launch their own websites but, again, it all
Greedy landlords: nearly a third of deposit complaints won by tenants I registered for a GoDaddy Auction account 2 months ago and have attempted to buy 2 domain names in that time.
Is your 401(k) Making You the Most Money? – July 22, 2018 $35.6 million USD (2010) Choosing the right domain name registrar isn’t something that you’ll want to take lightly. And we hope the guide above will give you enough information to choose the best domain name registrar for your needs.
I love posts like this, it is so interesting to see what can happen. And when people like you share this stuff, it helps the rest of us understand and learn about the whole business of blogging, online business etc.
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Choose a memorable domain name to use as the face of your business online. November 24, 2016 at 4:44 am
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