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Business names. These can be either expired domain names of a business, or you can target up-and-coming business and brand names of those who haven’t started their websites yet.
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Add Domains A domain name for a website is something you can purchase for, in many cases, $10 or less. OVER 560,000 PEOPLE TAKEN MY COURSES ONLINE
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I can’t believe it. I read every article on this site about money and have come to the conclusion that the saying “a fool and his money part every day” is true in your case., a domain with a rich history, sells again. This time for $3.5 million. GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures.
1. How much could the domain be worth in 5 years? I had the same problem with my company, the .com was taken by some random, plain text site with a download link on it, no idea. I just took the .net, still works for me!
Did you mean: ® Graham @ Reverse The Crush Create a CSR eCheck Information 2016-08-20T11:57:53-07:00 Gustav Mörtberg says: Registering or squatting on multiple domain names is unethical
You can flip domains as on SEDO, a domain name marketplace. Flippa, an online marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, also allows domain names to exchange hands on its platform. @AfternicDLS on Twitter
Join Now (FREE) Simply, some domains do better than others, so you minimize your loss risk by doing this.
List Domains One of the best ways to do this is with a nice brandable domain. In fact a domain name could limit you if you don’t have something brandable.
Find Those Awesome Shopify Brand Names I think it is still profitable because if you have a good domain or for what that someone is needing then you can sell it with high price. I bought some domains with $$$ and it is really worth for developing website so I don’t care how much it was.
Even if yours doesn’t bring in eight figures, other domains have still sold for amazing amounts, like and, both of which were sold for £361,000. That’s more than most people make in years.
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Hunting Moon Latest Sedo the companyWho we are, what we stand for February 16, 2018 at 5:50 pm Step 9: Buy Domains with Page Rank. */ Make Money From Blogging
id rather buy 20,000 used ENRON koozies than buy 1 GTLD. stupid new domainers! On How to Determine Gear Ratio, a reader asks:
October 25, 2006 at 7:00 pm In order to maintain ownership of a domain, you must renew it yearly. If you don’t, it “expires”. An expired domain goes through several stages before being released again for general registration. The process differs slightly from one registrar to another but it’s more or less the same. GoDaddy explains what happens to domains that expire with them here.
Amazon Alexa Domain flipping in 2017 can be risky due to several reasons: Google (981)
Great article thanks! Andy Calculators AfternicDLS on LinkedIn Machine learning combined with community sentiment
A scalable cloud solution with complete cost control 01:24:31 bargaining power and legal situation Snoopy says Chicago
Here are some of the options you have. How to Start Domain Flipping – Finding Expired Domain Names:
23 Apps That Pay You to Deliver Yet for me to join the domain flipping industry. This article has helped me to shape up a mind about the whole process and how to get started with that.
Free Classes 7 Local Marketing There is no need to switch DNS or list exclusively with the TD marketplace. Portfolio owners can still park or have their names listed in their own store. The TD marketplace creates a hosted for sale page for each domain listed and applies all available domain data to each domain.
Premium, desirable domain names have value. There’s no question about it when websites like are being sold for $200,00+ bucks.
Yes No Buying Expired Domains If you seriously believe that there is a lot of interest in a domain you own, put it up for auction. This is the best possible approach to fetch the highest possible price when there is prevailing interest. sold for $1.5 million in September 2005 Bidding before the live auction
Since the value of a domain depends on a lot of different factors, most of the time it is confusing to understand what should be the exact price of a domain.

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    February 12, 2018 at 7:28 pm
    The procedure of using the platform is very simple, you upload your domain and the associated information to start receiving offers and if the sale is closed, you will only have to pay a commission to the intermediaries.
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  2. Registry Services
    Check out this list from GoDaddy on the most expensive domain names ever sold:
    Wow, flipping a name can earn so much! This is an avenue that I can certainly explore. Thanks for providing some practical ways to start.
    At this point we have to differentiate what is a sale of a domain developed except the one that is not, because unless it is an exceptional domain with some very advantageous features, undeveloped domains do not reach a wide profit margin only with the antiquity.

  3. 1. Money
    Domain Flipping: Make Money Buying and Selling Domain Names
    Must Read!
    Registry Services
    Don’t go crazy buying hundreds of names most of which you’ll soon realize are worthless. Buy 1 good name and see how long it takes to resell and how much profit you can make. Grow your portfolio slowly.

  4. February 11, 2018 at 8:57 am
    COLLEGE TOOLBOX: 60+ Tools For Back To School
    Create your website within minutes
    Review Web Archive’s versions of the website: Examine the website’s history and how it looked like using the Web Archive. What was it about? What did it offer? This is useful for a variety of different reasons. It could inspire you as to who a good potential buyer might be (by analyzing the website’s content), and it could also signal some red flags in case the domain was being used for anything shady.
    I love collecting INVESTING in domains. Domains are the “real estate” of the internet. My wife calls it my “obsession” and doesn’t hesitate after a few round of drinks to laugh about it with everyone. “Wait, what,” they always say, “you really own 800 domains?”. Yes, it’s true I am a domain name addict. Some people buy vinyl, new shoes, or collect watches – I invest in domain names. I bought my first domain when I was 13 with my fathers credit card (and I still own it!).
    Thank you for your feedback!

  5. Domain Investor
    I’m about to go do another round and see if I can snatch up a couple more premium domains.
    40+ Ways To Access Your Computer Remotely
    Entertainment Gaming

  6. I have a few more I might register from the list hence the blur, once I have my final domains I’ll link the auctions here so you can see what types of names I got.
    Ease of Making Money
    Posted at 12:58h, 25 January Reply
    Finding Profitable Domains
    But you could also hedge your bet by progressively buying up more and more domains.

  7. Most auction sites will be heavy with competition, and many of the domains for sale also include a full pre-constructed web site that may already be generating a profit. Before listing your domain for sale, it is important to ensure that you’re not stepping into a market that is saturated with full website and domain packages.
    In any case, I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post on online side hustles and making money online!
    With just a few clicks, you can put your domain name up for sale. Buyers can purchase it automatically, with no need to negotiate, make a contract, or arrange a transfer. Just set your price and we take care of the rest.
    Domain names such as and have made record money.

  8. ReallyFunnyJoke(.com)
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    E-mail marketing was originally sold for $1.25 million as part of a bankruptcy-court proceeding.
    But first, let’s start with a few tips:
    Your business internet connection
    I was essentially value investing. Finding domain names that I believed to have more value in the wholesale market than I was acquiring them for. After purchasing the domain names, I would list them at auction and use my marketing strategies to get the word out to other investors.

  9. Selection of words – Domains after all, are a string of words and what you put into it matters. Generic, brandable and even alphanumeric words can be used, but they have to be relevant to niches that you’ve researched or familiar about. Those that sell fast are usually words that trigger interest.
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    Three Parts:Buying Profitable Domain NamesMaking Money Through Your DomainsNavigating Legal TroublesCommunity Q&A
    A little bit of knowledge on how much money can domain names really bring in will motivate you to take action.
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  10. Search for a Domain
    70 Ways to Make Money in College
    QuickBooks Online
    Many people think of domain buying and selling to be one of the easiest methods of making quick money. Perhaps, you may have heard of someone buying a domain name for under $3000 and then selling it for $25,000. A quick $22,000 profit! Such stories can be very motivating! And that sort of money does exchange hands (Go through 10 of the biggest domain name sales of all time!). But these deals don’t come as easy as they seem! Ask anyone who flips domains for a living and he/she’ll tell you the amount of hard work and skill that goes into it.
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    Most domainers scour domain marketplaces and directories all day long looking for opportunities to buy an undervalued domain and then resell it. Exploring domain marketplaces is a relatively straightforward process. Let’s go ahead and do a practical walkthrough of something a little more complex: market trends and search query analysis.
    The buyer in February’s massive, all-cash sale was reportedly a company in Prague that also owns and

  11. Disclaimer: You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or results, or that you will earn any money and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others.
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    Expired domains with traffic are just one of many different methods to make money within the domain industry.
    Domain acquisition for brand protection
    Domaining is becoming a very popular investing and business opportunity. Although the business of investing in high quality domain names has been operating quietly for almost 10 years, it is now gaining notoriety. Recently there have been many articles in highly respected newspapers and magazines regarding the practice. In the past year I’ve become an amateur domain investor and although I’m not an expert I’ll share with you what I know so that you don’t have to make the mistakes I made.

  12. If I got you right, Are you saying that the people that I should mail is the people that has similar domain like anticareer? that is I should mail the owner of goodfood asking the owner if he/she will be interested to buy good
    The domain marketplace is free for anyone to list any number of domains.
    Holy crap! I knew some people did this but didn’t realize you could get a payout that big. Do you still buy domain names today? It seems that nearly every name imaginal has been taken. Type in finance or money with just about any other word and it has been registered by someone.
    Are there special escrow considerations when dealing with domain names?
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    Would you like to know what domain flipping is? Domain flipping is buying a domain name for a website and then selling it to another person. The main goal of flipping domains is to make more money from the sale than you spent on your initial purchase. Flipping is popular in lots of types of sales. Even real estate moguls practice flipping. The greatest aspect about Flipping Domain Names is the fact that it can be done as a side business. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it, like most business ventures go. Buying and selling domain names can cause you to profit in a few ways.
    Domain Name Flipping: Quick Flips & Fast Cash! Kindle Edition
    After back and forth emails, I finally agreed a sales price of $2,600 US Dollars + Sedo fees (15%). The sale has since been completed and I’ve received my Sedo escrow payment direct to Paypal.

  13. Ultimately, I think this free domain hunting tool offers a great solution for novice flippers to get in on the action.
    Once I did a search of any phrase, I would immediately download the results from the Google Keyword Planner and export the list to excel. Usually, you could only download around 750 results from the Google Keyword Planner at a time.
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