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Best Buys: First time buyer mortgage rates Video Design Send Press Releases If someone just bought a domain for big bucks, you can sell them a similar name – I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me, “I just bought this name for $x,xxx and I’m going to flip it to a guy who just bought a very similar name for $xx,xxx so I’ll make a huge profit!” Just because someone just shelled-out five or six-figures for a name doesn’t mean they’re willing to do it again for a similar name. Knowing what someone just bought might not be quite as useful as you might think, every person is different which means every domain sale is different.
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Further evidence of what seems to be a downward trend: the following chart, of the 10 highest prices paid for domain names, does not include any sales during the past three years.
Free Tools Before EmpireFlippers became a website broker, the internet marketing duo Joe Magnotti and Justin Cooke had been sharing how they flip sites for cash on their widely-popular blog and podcasts. They relocated to the Philippines, hired locals to create content and build traffic, and then literally built hundreds of niche sites that earn from either AdSense ads or Amazon affiliate commissions. Every month, they chose low-earners and sold these ready-made sites on their marketplace.
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Best Fitness Trackers Cancel Save changes bike Startups Taxes in India for selling a domain name overseas – Are you paying sales tax on domain names you sell overseas? How many countries do you think requires taxation on domain assets? Is India one of them?
Sitemap | Contact Us | Terms & Conditions | Refund Policy | Google+ April 7, 2018 at 6:29 am Over the last year, 3 businesses have agreed to a domain sale. I stopped marketing, cracked open a beer and relaxed. A day (or week) later they changed their mind. One sale was for $1,500, one for $3,500 and one for $3,250.
pe $75 PAY PER CLICK (PPC) MARKETING Hello, SnapNames ( is one fantastic resource for buying previously owned domains. They get around twenty thousand domain names that flow through their auctions every day. All the best names aren’t taken, you can still find some amazing names there. Especially geography-based names that will help in local search results.
This item: How To Trade Domain Names(Domain Name Selling, Domain Name Investing, Domain Flipping,Domain Name Moneymaker, Domain Investing,Selling Domain): How To Profit (Expert Internet Marketing Series)
Keywords… that have different nouns and adverbs in for example. October 3, 2017 at 9:44 am As e-commerce booms in China, companies are paying millions to buy the right domain name—and some investors are hitting the jackpot. Earlier this year, Qihoo 360, an internet security company, spent 110 million yuan ($17 million) to purchase “,” by far the highest price paid for a domain name in China this year.
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Current events Expired domain names, especially, are ones you may be able to score for cheap prices. bike domain-tip memory
Comments (2) Stay on topic If you are buying a domain from someone you do not know then use an escrow service. Parking companies and domain brokers often provide that service automatically.
Classified ads $8,850 This is what I am thinking about. The take away for a domainer. HODLING – CLICK to watch video news! Keith DeBoer, Mar 2, 2016 Share#4
Thanks for the helpful tips 🙂 I already have a web hosting so I just used GoDaddy to register my .com domain name. Thanks for the helpful images – they really helped me to guide through it.
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ICANN Sedo Namejet UDRP GoDaddy Flippa TDNAM (GoDaddy Auctions) WIPO Afternic .info .xxx .com ICM Registry .org .eu Afilias Nominet Verisign EURid Tucows Moniker .net PIR Snapnames
This website uses cookies.I understand. Dismiss.Read more So, how can you check the backlink quality of an expired domain? Age can have an influence on these metrics (the longer a website exists, the more chances there are to establish backlinks, social signals, trust, etc.) but age is NOT the entire picture.
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The domain name you’ve chosen is perfect and you’ve verified that it is available, now it’s time to actually register the domain name itself.
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Firstly, I looked for a sub-forum but didn’t see one, so apologies if in wrong place. .actor How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon: 23 Steps to Launching a Kindle eBook That Makes Over $100 a Day
Other things to look out for include popular terms or phrases, particularly if they could help to sell a product or service. Short domain names, for example two and three character domains are also highly valued given their scarcity. And being quick off the mark when a new industry or product type is emerging could help you pick-up some domain names that could soon become very sought after.
5. How to Value Domains (page 87) February 25, 2018 at 3:23 am Mobile Home Park Investing The domain market is not in decline, HOWEVER, it is slowwing. The way domain names are being brokered and sold is changing, the way the world communicated 5 -10 years ago was primarily email and phone. Now, it’s phone, text, Whatsapp, QQ, iMessange, Twitter, Facebook / Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, Linkedin Telegram, Zoom and strangely face to face communications. I recently closed a domain deal for $60,000 USD payment plan via only Facebook Messenger for a New York start up. I also have closed a $20,000 USD deal for an accounting related domain name on a single text. (The David Yurman bracelet I wear, was bought with the commission of the sale – it’s a reminder to me everyday to give myself permission to try something new and stick with what works). I have also closed one $10,000 USD 4 letter .com sale via LinkedIn as the buyer was unresponsive and I found them via LinkedIn and sent them a LinkedIn InMail when I had the Premium. I also have a six figure 3 letter .com deal in a long term reminder as buyer needs time and that came from Twitter and a direct message. I found $90,000 USD by beating the bushing and shaking trees. This past month was average for me personally but if you zoom out and look at the year as a whole its been one of the best I have seen. The last quarter (October – December) is when I stay in the office during the holiday season and make the most sales, close deals and get my clients domains they want so they can dominate the market and industries they are in. Get yours!
Schwartz, who didn’t have any merchandise in the Heritage auction, says he buys domain names at auctions, but thinks sellers do better in privately brokered deals. His recent sale of happened that way. Network Solutions contacted him because he’s listed in “Who Is” – a directory of domain name owners. They offered him $50,000 for, and after some back-and-forth over the course of three weeks they agreed on a sale price of $1.35 mIllion (Network Solutions takes a 5% commission). He doesn’t know who the buyer is, but thinks it’s a company based in Australia.
It wasn’t just people buying domain names over these two decades, either. Companies like Hearst, AOL, CBS, Salesforce and Amazon have collectively paid tens of millions of dollars for domain names; with many of them still not in use.
DomRaider Group I’m a financial journalist and author with experience as a lawyer, speaker and entrepreneur. As a senior editor at Forbes, I have covered the broad range of topics that affect boomers as they approach retirement age. That means everything from financial strategies and invest… MORE
April 5, 2018 at 3:13 am I noticed something the past couple of years in domaining, there has not been a domain name that I haven’t just only began to develop and then it eventually sold in one way or another, via an inquiry, outbound marketing, or a sudden gain of interest in the marketplaces/forums I had it advertised on that wasn’t there prior to the site. When there is actually something on the domain to look at rather than a plain, cold, generic park page, it creates a visualization of a fraction of what the potential could be and sparks ideas and increases value. There is much truth behind this post.
COMMENTS What type of traffic does the domain recieve? (Read our article about Traffic That Converts to learn how to value traffic) Alright, thanks Gene, I really appreciate all your help – and this is a fantastic course! I’m lovin it 🙂
2016-08-20T11:57:53-07:00 Simply untoppable by it’s meaning – that’s why the future of domaining will be .top domaining.
I assume the owner of had a sudden need for cash to accept this sort of domain flipping loss, but this does show that domain flipping isn’t a get rich quick endeavor.
While domain names are pretty cheap to register, frequently costing below $1 if you use the right domain promotional code, domain names with age and authority are quite valuable.

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25 Top Food To Eat In Melaka As A Tourist Boy, how I wish something like this was available when I first started. It would have saved me thousands of dollars, and years of struggle.
Multiple Spellings and Numbers: Because most people can’t spell, choose a word (or words) that can’t be easily confused. For example, the word “bass” has two pronunciations and as a result will be spelled incorrectly, a number of ways. Bass can refer to various fish species, a low-frequency sound, more than ten different towns around the world or even a surname. Second avoid using numbers, as many people may confuse whether or not they need to type in the actual number, like “7”, or type in the spelling of it, like “seven”.
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nice blog many thanks for share this idea. App Marketing Filed Under: Blog, Tutorials Tagged With: Domain Flipping, How To Flip Domains How to Start a Precious Metal Portfolio Above you provided great information about buying and selling domain names. I have been to many blogs about the same and I have read the people make millions just by selling domain names. It’s a process that one needs to learn with time and can give a good earning by reselling the domain name. The business is fruitful but one needs to read, understand the value of a domain name. Buying every domain name is a waste of money. One must see the future potential growth for that particular domain.
To give a glimpse of some successful and unsuccessful domain name flips, I’ll provide 2 historical references. consumer without giving too much information, so they access to their domain,
The projects ranged from marketing (local SEO, video production, and so forth) to web design, bespoke coding, and VR.
startup ideas to invest in. Once visit the site it will be beneficial for you.
Reach customers, grow sales, balance your books and work in collaboration from any device. Second, most people register bad domains that nobody would be interested in. This isn’t mean to exclude you, you very likely don’t know what you’re doing.
Matt McGee | Sep 18, 2014 at 2:31 pm ET That is a valid point that many who just love the noise and seek confirmation bias like to espouse. The new gtlds may never be successful investments for domainers, (not their stated purpose), they will be around, and they might best impinge on the other extensions like .me and .tv.
Oleg Calugher is your Fellow Blogger and Co-founder of Guest Crew. Catch him on Twitter. I had more freedom and control over my content and design when developing. +
Wordoid For up to 10 years & SAVE! Yes, you can always use tools like NameBio for Comps, but by doing things this way, you can start to notice trends and adjust your prices accordingly (or re-market).
GIFTS Register domains My buddy is making 6 figures a year flipping domains. All he’s using is one simple newsletter he receives. Then selling any domain he wants to sell.
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A DIY Website Builders Support With So many new TLDs coming I see that buying a domain would be not a profitable thing if you have only one domain from the set. If you are really looking to make money from this business buying a set of domain with similar name that could be a strategy for those who want to be rockstar in this business.
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    Anyone can do this or hire it out quite easily. Prospects don’t have to guess or brain storm about how they might use the domain you’re selling. Value in the package deal is much easier to perceive than from a naked domain.
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  3. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.
    Rick Ace, Mar 6, 2016 Share#18
    How to Set Up and Configure Your Wireless Router
    Price argument has no basis, they have no business going down that road, they are not up to date on daily pricing, and the examples given were lame domain comps. Francois should have attacked back in his defense.
    Express Malware Removal – Fix Hacked Sites

  4. Today: Taxes in India for selling a domain name overseas / Show off your .social domains / .FYI showcase / And more!
    1. You put together a development website.
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    July 1, 2017, 8:02 pm
    5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Guide with tons of information!
    Here are my “six pillars to starting out” – Saturday, July 28, 2018 – 13:58
    Happy New Year! You can absolutely use Google Keyword Planner without a website. This link should work!

  5. Sale! Now $11.99/1st yr
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  6. One Big Sale a Month Will Not Suffice.
    Yes, you can make money with this system. The basic concept of flipping is very simple. This is simply buying something at a lower price and then selling the same thing at a higher price; improving the overall quality in some cases at least if you can. It makes sure that you make more profit.
    Sometimes you might forget to renew your domain name, or your credit card on file might expire. This leads to your domain expiring and it being opened up for other people to purchase. Sometimes your domain can be purchased by another competitor in your space, or it could be purchased completely accidentally.
    What’s your point of view on GDPR compliance issues for those of us with websites in the USA?
    @Rebecca: I can assure you that nobody got great domains for $10. Keep in mind that back when Network Solutions was the only game in town, you could definitely not register domains for 10 bucks and also keep in mind that as I’ve told Steven, it’s all about buying and holding. All of the people who own great domains have either:
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    It takes creativity, hard work and good management to be profitable and successful.
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    But wait, there’s more. So you are looking to sell a premium listing that is not keyword-driven? Be ready to take a hit. On all premium domain sales, GoDaddy takes a 30% commission fee. This process happens before they remit the payment. Yikes. When you are already operating on a slim margin, 30% can be what makes or breaks the bank for that sale.
    10% chance of selling in 5 years for $2500
    Expert Services
    People are good.

  8. Favorite Tweets by @iwantmyname
    Should I Invest in Oil in 2016?
    All website names (also referred to as ‘domain names’) effectively originate through a body known as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and are managed through registrars like GoDaddy and 123 Reg. These registrars issue buyers like you and me with the exclusive right to use the domain name, after which period a buyer has the right to renew their domain name.
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    Right now there are over 656,000 expiring domains that you can pre-bid on at Namejet. Lots of opportunity there even if more people come. The key is to find those hidden gems and wait until 1 minute before they go off the board (assuming no one has bid on it yet) and then bid. This is the best way to attempt to be the only bidder on a domain and win it for $69.

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    Things are no different in the online world. For instance, one of the latest Web domains opened for the public on 6 December 2011, .xxx, got more than 55,000 applications within 24 hours.
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  10. Submit a Domain
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    Buying Pre-Owned Domains:
    Menu Academics
    For some people it could be interesting to get in the business by starting out with a domain loan, but be aware especially if you are inexperienced that there is a very high risk. Also interest rates on domain loans are still well above most other rates. In any case leveraging is only for risk takers that are fully aware of what they are doing and preferably have other streams of income and assets.
    crypto in terms of digital currency and trust less systems have more liquidity then domains so the money is following where the liquidity is and that has a small effect on where the money sources are spending the money. The state of the domain industry is down or not in the spot light (crypto/blockchain) because few have done anything with them in 6 years but want to the same results.. Go to a party, the talk is not about URL’s anymore but digital currency, smart contracts, blockchain that has an affect on the “out of site out of mind mentality which effects the movement and purchase of value”…
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    Revenue from the tokens and trading of domains will also be distributed according to the “Intended use of revenue” graph (shown above). It’s a very keen commitment to transparency in their operation and as can be seen; 40% will be reinvested back into Domain investment, with 30% going to ongoing development and 18% to marketing.

  11. Build Me A Website
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    July 18, 2018
    Car Reviews
    […] Aviva Directory has a fantastic domainer introductory piece. […]
    Today: I’m investing in domains with A LITTLE BIT of traffic / The importance of other TLD’s being taken / Giggle.TV sold for $9,000 / And more!

  12. Top Stories: Month Year Comments
    Since you’re dealing in volume, a cheap registrar is important, especially when you’re first starting out. But some deals are too good to be true, and occasionally registrars will go out of business. For good cheap hosting, GoDaddy is a baseline option, but it’s not ideal for many high volume domainers or high quality domains. For your biggest domains, the ones you hope to sell and retire from the proceeds with, you may want to try Moniker. Whatever direction you decide to take, make sure to shop around, and at a minimum check the resource list at the end of this article for a few more of your options.
    I spent $2,995 on one name this year. It was my most expensive purchase and a real estate related name.
    Optimizing for Voice Search

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    ICANN Asks U.S., Canadian Governments If .sucks Is Breaking Laws
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    Domain Tasting is, as defined by Wikipedia, the practice of a domain name registrant using the five-day “grace period” at the beginning of the registration of an ICANN-regulated second level domain to test the marketability of the domain. During this period, when a registration must be fully refunded by the domain registry, a cost-benefit analysis is conducted by the registrant on the viability of deriving income from advertisements being placed on the domain’s web site.
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  15. The cool thing is that there are people that are WAY better at it than I am. I am sure of it. For me it is strictly part time. I have other business to run online. Domain sales profits are usually pegged as spending cash=)
    Tax Lien Investing
    Domain Flipping on a large scale is just like buy sell trade. You need to know tht u goona experience either profit or loss. Good tips, would be useful in future.
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    Sell Your Apps on Amazon
    Domain Sale Archives

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