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Apps Like Loading… Mark Topic as Read Manish Thanks Karl! Yes! Selling domain is an emerging trade and no wonder if it can develop into an exchange. has been initiated with this view. There are some good ideas in the comments regarding which names to buy and how to grow their value. However one must not forget that it also involves a recurring cost (annual renewal) and keeping many of them might become difficult if you are not really selling at least a few to cover it. Enjoy free listing at
Do not purchase domain names which include the underscore or hyphen. Endnote This is just preliminary information: you can dig further into expiring domains.
This was a huge question for me. Like a lot of entrepreneurs I don’t have a lot of free time. In fact I have a disciplined time management philosophy which helps me move all of my projects forward, and also schedule some time to chill.  I dedicate a specific number of hours per week and per month to each project. Yes, I really do build in “chill time” and “wife time” into my weekly schedule.
17,824 students enrolled Kenny: Q&A with Ali Zandi URL:
Easy to pronounce and to spell. Some keywords can be misspelled if it is still understandable. eCom Turbo Review: Best Shopify Theme For Drop Shippers?
vinaya 0 Free Website Builder Sell a large number of domains consistently with a smaller profit. 8
Now, when your looking around I want to give you one HUGE tip…. How To Find Your Killer Niche Website Flipping March 13, 2017 at 5:52 pm Menu For aged/rare domain names, you might find quite an extensive history:
01:12 I Want to Start My Blog To list domain names on Flippa auction costs $9 one time fee, on GoDaddy $4.99 per year and I have never used Namecheap listings before. Reddit 9 Replies Mark Topic as Read I don’t know if the domain name unofficially changed hands between 2006 and 2018 or if a single owner was holding onto the domain, but in any case, that’s a $10,000 gain over 12 years.
Your post is filled with valuable info. Enough to help me decide if this is a direction for me. What do you use to build your websites?
If you can find domains that fit all of these criteria, and if you can acquire enough of them, you can make real money off a portfolio of parked domains. However, that’s a lot of ifs. If all you have is a small portfolio of potential project domains, you probably won’t be making much from them if you park them, so it’s probably not worth the effort to set up.
Express Malware Removal Auctioned Domain Names Official marketplaces offer a third possibility for domain traders to peddle their product. Domain marketplaces, such as Sedo,, or, link potential buyers with domain holders hoping to sell their prized virtual property. These platforms function as a kind of domain real estate agency and are known to demand somewhat high prices for their services.
I saw that thread at NamePros. I didn’t even comment. It is so much easier to whine than to put in hard work. That title is full of BS. Let the strong survive. Let the whiners go away. We don’t need them tarnishing such a great industry here.
June 9, 2010 at 11:10 am 5 Million – 7.5 Million BLOGGING You can sign up for the Google Adsense program, but others, such as Kontera and Chikita 3 Contextual Ad Alternatives To Adsense 3 Contextual Ad Alternatives To Adsense Read More , are available if you have a distaste for Google (many do).
Here is an example of a parked page on Some characteristics of valuable domain names include:
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ClickBank Home & Property Services Easily transfer your domain name to 1&1 Tarik What do I do if my name shows up on WHOIS but the Seller has not sent me the user name and password?
Flipping Domains. Domains grow in value as they age, since the age of the domain is a search ranking factor in Google, albeit a minor one. A lot of marketers look for domains that have existed for a long time, to buy up and put a site on for that additional little bit of value. You can park domains and wait until someone wants them, then sell them for a profit. This goes hand in hand with domain parking.
Another point of concern is that many people feel that squatting or registering domains is unethical. This is because many web developers have a hard time finding relevant domain names for their projects since most of them have already been registered. Many corporate giants also frown upon the domain flipping industry because many domain names relevant to them are already registered.
Develop a system for finding the right buyers It’s nowhere near as easy or profitable as it was 10+ years ago.
the Middle East Subscribe with Amazon If one of the properties gets a leak then it is your job to fix it. If the roof needs repairing it is your job to pay and fix it. The list goes on….
Perhaps the most obvious is eBay, where you’ll be able to create a listing in the Domain Names category (you can also sell websites here), with the sub-type field set to the top-level domain: .com,, .net, and so on. eBay will give you the biggest audience for domain names, but there is a good chance that the eyes that see your listing won’t necessarily be looking to buy.
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6. You can quit your day job and start domaining full time – unless you already own a solid portfolio of high quality domains/developed websites and your income from domaining is considerable, this is something you absolutely should NOT do! Very few people in the industry can afford this and most of them started out 10+ years ago.
I tried this with my other websites, my oldest I prefer not to sell. It looks like if you buy any cheap domain and are creative enough to use it to build a site.
29 Lectures Israel – Island of Success: This book takes up the challenge of looking into the me… See for yourself: Try typing in “” instead of “” and you’ll find that you land on a page filled with Google ads. It’s pretty genius.
With the guide mentioned above, you will be efficiently establishing your Domain Flipping Business. The key to a successful Domain Flipping Business is choosing the right domain name which could be easily done with the tools mentioned in this article.
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