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2014-07-13T00:14:07-07:00 Jump up ^ “The End Of Domain Tasting. ICANN Report on AGP Measures 12 August 2009” (PDF). Retrieved 15 November 2011.
Revenue Share Remember your description should contain all the important details a buyer would like to know. It’s not very difficult to write a good description. MayurV
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In layman terms, domain flipping means buying and selling domains for a profit. Now there is quite a misconception regarding this particular act as people are of the opinion that hoarding domain names is unethical but that is far from true, as many big names in the domain flipping industry like GoDaddy and Namecheap have emerged recently.
Transferring domains between registrars can cost you. The registrar you’re trying to leaving can also make the process difficult.
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August 14, 2017 at 9:57 am Well Gene, I’m sure you have much more experience at flipping domains. The only time I’ve flipped domains is when I’ve ran across domains that I couldn’t pass up (really good deals), but had no other use for them than to sale. And it’s even been a few years since I’ve found a deal like this.
Business names combined with geographic names like chiropractor Los Angeles can be sold conveniently. Depends, I had a lot success selling it. Today you have tools that can automatize your selling process.
was how to recreate all of those indexed pages My Account My Income Results with The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program How to transfer domain names How much would this domain help them to sound authoritative in their space? To everyone else, X-Ray: Latest Articles 50 Unusual Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills Big Luca Academy
That’s amazing that you own 800 website domains. I have heard of this but didn’t really know anyone that did this. Awesome purchase of the domain name for $300. $45,000 is a boat load of money to turn down. But if you still enjoy the website and think it has potential, it sounds like you did the right thing. Congrats for putting yourself in this type of opportunity!!!
Let’s sell some domains!

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markus_ I think this example provides a general idea of the marketplace… Many companies have already profited from better domains. Read about how and why. Tips the Frugal Don’t Share About Saving MoneyJuly 23, 2018 – 10:00 am
by Alan Buffet (Author) Sedo is perfect for… This is also a good option if you really have no idea how much your domain will go for and want to see just how high it’ll sell for.
February 11, 2018 at 3:26 pm justingodfrey Best Life Insurance If I only knew then what I knew now, 5 years ago I used to have over 100 domains, all with some sort of site on them. I let most of them go because they weren’t paying their way.
Buy expired domains What you don’t know about that TLD guy is he is trying to sell an eBook but I removed the link to it. Some cut deals with small registrars so they could get direct connections to the names that were expiring — in effect, buying their way to the front of the line, as I documented in this piece, “The man who owns the Internet.” Helping to drive it all: Google and Yahoo, which supply the pay-per-click ads that fill so many undeveloped, or “parked,” sites that people land on by typing URLs directly into a browsers’ address bar.
Generic names. These domain names focus on products or services, but you should be very careful in purchasing them. It’s possible that you could land yourself in legal trouble if you purchase a domain name that includes a copyrighted name.
Professional trading of internet domains Thanks FerdiS, I’m curious to see how the flipping goes myself. =)
Legit Online Jobs Our Services Flipping Houses 101 says Alternatively, you can purchase expired or current domain names that already have a good amount of traffic, profitability, etc. You can create a fully functioning website in a matter of hours these days which is why we are seeing an increase of IM Domainers on places like
Fine Dining Liquid Domains: These are domain names that have market liquidity, meaning they’ll always sell and for a high price:,,,,,,,, etc.
(Updated 07.11.2018) Payment Options Don’t Get Stuck With Domains, Step Up and Flip Websites
These are domains that their owners no longer want, so they are sold by the domain registrars in an auction style setting. The reality is that it requires at least a year to learn just the basics of the domain flipping business, leave alone making huge money from it. During this period you’ll make mistakes, buy useless domain names, lose good deals, etc. Domain flipping is definitely not a get rich quick method. If overnight results are what you’re after, you should look for a different profession. This business involves a real and steep learning curve which many people find difficult to climb.
By Spencer Haws Terms of Service Hi all, There was an indexing issue with my one website. I have added few new pages 2-3 weeks ago, but none of the page is getting indexed in Google. … [read more]
July 2017 You need to avoid that scenario and make the domain creative but keeping in mind the remembrance factor.
Official marketplaces offer a third possibility for domain traders to peddle their product. Domain marketplaces, such as Sedo,, or, link potential buyers with domain holders hoping to sell their prized virtual property. These platforms function as a kind of domain real estate agency and are known to demand somewhat high prices for their services.
Why, then, do people get into the domain trading business? Tech Services & Science Email Address It lowers your risk when you choose stocks from different types of companies. Phone Jobs
Most of them are functioning Web sites or they’re in the hands of domainers, who trade them back and forth, betting that the letters will inevitably match the acronym of one of the millions of new companies and organizations that go online each year.
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$45k is a hard price to turn down, but if it’s a big enough company and they want it badly, you can probably get them to go up higher by negotiating or just tell them no thanks and see if they present a bigger offer. Either way, what a fun decision to have to make!
I hate the way you say “domainer” it like trying to sprinkle sugar over cowdung to make it look like a chocolate cake. domain squatter would be a more appropriate word. And its one of the dirtiest business on the internet. no wonder the jerk never showed his face people would have sued his ass off. So why am I sounding so negative. Its because I faced a similar situation where some jerk registered a domain and I had to get legal help to get it back.
There’s an entire underground world on the internet of people buying and selling domain names, it’s called Domain Flipping. Thing is, anyone can do it and make money. Think of it like flipping real estate, but instead, you’re flipping website domains.
Stray Rescue of St. Louis If you’ve had success with domain flipping, or are interested in starting out, we’d love to hear from you! Toggle navigation
Private Email Hosting Financial Education Market trends I had the same problem with my company, the .com was taken by some random, plain text site with a download link on it, no idea. I just took the .net, still works for me!
Added to Sure John, Who is your Customer? 3 Easy Steps to Finding your Target Market Terms of Service You don’t need a website to make money online — just the URL, or domain name, will suffice. If your old domain name is useful, catchy, or in some other way meaningful, you could be sitting on a goldmine without even realizing it.
A guy who knows nothing about domaining at all comes in here, works his ass off studying drop lists, buying right, then sells however he could figure how to, by contacting many potential end users and hiring a broker and he makes 27k in a couple months. There is no money in domaining, yeah right!
“While it might seem like closing one big deal a month would be manageable, finding that one big deal is a massive challenge and could take months itself.”
To give a glimpse of some successful and unsuccessful domain name flips, I’ll provide 2 historical references. Once you buy your domain name, it is time to increase the value of that domain. Buy a domain name for few dollars, drive traffic to it and list it for sale on the next day. Remember, a good niche domain name have chances to make you earn $100 after 24 hours after listing it.
Advertise with Us However, there are several other domain registration websites that have equally good prices and comparable features. These registrars also offer high levels of security and customer service support. To name a few,,, NameCheap etc. are really looked up to in the domain registration marketplace.
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Domain Cheese. Ultimately, a domain is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. You can ignore the 12-24 months of revenue rule, and someone might pay whatever you are asking because they want that domain and can afford it. That’s likely why Facebook, the social network, paid $8.5 million for in Sep 2010.
How to Make Money by Flipping Domain Names Search: BUY BITCOINS (AFFILIATE) |
Jump up ^ .eu Landrush period controversy. .NET, .ORG are also still really good. Open Menu Thread by: Rules, May 9, 2015, 15 replies, in forum: Domain Names & Parking
Home.Loans was more than likely a sweetheart deal that was subsidized by Donuts with advertising outlays which justified the purchase price for the end user. That sale is more for the benefit of Donuts than it was for the end user.
Well, this is the price range that most domain flippers (I’ll refer to them as domainers from now on) are looking to operate in. I mean there are levels, but I think it’s safe to say that selling a domain for 10x is worth it no matter the dollar denomination.
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  2. All in all, the industry is growing! Yet, It’s not as easy as someone may think of it. Platforms like Sedo and Flippa are having many offerings in there. Without a sponsored offer or advertising the sale page somewhere, chances to sell the domain are very little!
    Here is a list of the most expensive domain names.
    What Is Domain Flipping?

  3. Perspective buyers are able to directly contact domain holders in cases where the desired domain is no longer available. Most registries openly publish the names and contact data of domain holders. Once this information is gained, buyers can get in touch with domain holders and make an offer for the name. Sales are also known to occur in instances where the original domain owner had no prior commercial ambitions
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    Every website has a domain name – and the choices are very limited with .com, the most popular domain name. As a result, you have to look at other domain names, and there are many, from .net to .me to .ltd and more. You also have domain names by the country or by the type of organization (.org).

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    Hey if you wrap up and package anything nicely enough you can sell it. I used to buy $0.99c .com’s from GoDaddy and slap an ecommerce theme on them and sell that as full turn key business sites on eBay for as much as �99. I’ve sold a lot of domains in the past. I used to buy and sell them but they were most arcade / gaming related sites but I’ve flipped lots of sites and domains on places like eBay, Flippa and marketing forums and the like. It can still be profitable but you really need a good looking site, some traffic and sales/earnings history helps. And creating social accounts to go with it can help too since they don’t have to do that. There’s lots of people looking for new sites that have been set up and ready to go. You just have to know what people are looking for or, as said, just present it nicely enough so that it sells. You can do this with all domain types. For example, NameCheap and that provide those new TLD’s like .club, .services, .city etc etc for about a dollar. If you buy one of those, slap a WordPress blog on it or something and make it look nice, you could easily flip them for about $10 on Ebay or some entrepreneurial forum I’d expect. Don’t sound like much but when you do that 10x a day that’s $90 profit a day for not much work.

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    But, the bidders need to know the domain’s true potential, so you need to write an excellent sales presentation for the buyers. This method is quick and can provide you with returns in no time.

  6. Register Domains
    And it really is this easy: Log into your personal customer account with your web hosting company or domain registrar. Next change the name server entry as follows for every domain you would like to park at Sedo:
    It’s good to have some wiggle room and get something out of your domain, especially if it’s been sitting on a marketplace for months with no bites.
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  7. I love collecting INVESTING in domains. Domains are the “real estate” of the internet. My wife calls it my “obsession” and doesn’t hesitate after a few round of drinks to laugh about it with everyone. “Wait, what,” they always say, “you really own 800 domains?”. Yes, it’s true I am a domain name addict. Some people buy vinyl, new shoes, or collect watches – I invest in domain names. I bought my first domain when I was 13 with my fathers credit card (and I still own it!).
    Not from a seller’s perspective. EMDs are MUCH easier to sell than brandable domains. Brandable domains are hard to find buyers for. EMDs are dead simple to find many buyers for.

    Running Google Ads : Nobody tells this. But you actually have to pay from $0.50 to $5.00 every time someone clicks on your ads. It is for most of the time. It could cost you hundreds of dollars a day.
    SSL Certificates
    Kindle eBooks
    In today’s SEO (2015) the answer would be a big no! With changes to the google algorithm and the constant updates panda, penguin, what’s next…., much of the “keyword url” power is now gone. While there was a day when it made sense to buy a good named .com and expect instant indexing, not so anymore unless the site is very strong coming in ,which in that case you’ll drop a minimum $50k. If you are willing to drop that kind of money and the site has a high domain authority, it might make sense as long as it matches whatever product or service that you’re trying to sell. Just my opinion…

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    Examples… This is just half the list I got sent today.
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    I try to own a little bit of everything, as long as it ends with .com.
    Retirement is currently the domain name for a yacht and luxury property group, so it seems this specific domain has reached the end of its flipping days for the time being.
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