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FEATURED DOWNLOAD This was an easy one. If you’ve read anything about me you know that Millennial Money is my mission. Having money gives you freedom and making more, saving more, and growing your net worth is easier than you think. A lot of people just don’t have the information to master their money. It didn’t take me long to decided I am more interested in investing in Millennial Money than selling the domain.
How to Legit Retire in Your 30’s – July 26, 2018 Andreas@online advertising Invest 30-40 hours in making the client’s site soar in results
INTERNET SCAMS TO AVOID 70 thoughts on “Making Money With Domain Names”
BHW Newsletter Sign-up 1 star1 star (0%) This website was purchased 41 days ago but still has no active website (it just redirects to a Flippa landing page).
My experience so far is that most people who complain about new gTLDs simply do not have any of them, or have BAD names.
Name* Who Is Domain Flipping For? NS2.SEDOPARKING.COM 5:45 pmOctober 6, 2015 Bluebird Even if they have used all the possible marketplaces, still they cannot give their domain names even for a few dollars
DIY Yes, the numbers seem good, but assumptions are being thrown around. I want to see proof. It may take a lot of visitors to even pull in a few cents, and who says domain names good enough to snag the occasional direct hit exist anymore for a decent price? If this is one of those things where its a definite 3%, well then that’s great… if you have a ton of money. Otherwise it doesn’t get you very far.
ListingDock Domain Sniper (PLR / MRR) There are plenty of legitimate businesses you can start tomorrow if you wish. The good …
Startup Sunday: My thoughts on startup advisors and how much equity to give them 2014-07-19T21:20:59-07:00 Sure, lots of money is being made by seasoned veterans who have been in the market before it became saturated. However, I still don’t believe it is worth it these days for someone new to domain flipping for the reasons I mentioned.
Step 12: Never Sell Right Away. Don’t have an account? Thread by: yankeesfan22vt, Feb 13, 2015, 5 replies, in forum: Domain Names & Parking Domain name speculation 12 replies
Employee Based Some people have their domains for a specific purpose with intent to build a website, and they won’t want to part with it.
Get Started With Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux and Raspberry… Domain flipping is the business that is changing the fortune of many individuals and organizations.
Join I think whenever you get a chance, you must buy domain names with good keywords, since blogger is very nice domain keyword, registering 3-4 of them could be really good. you can optimize it and earn more.

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Published on March 8, 2018 Things to Know About Domain Registrars It’s nowhere near as easy or profitable as it was 10+ years ago. Apple If your domain is niche specific, then obviously you should write content related to that niche.
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Want to get started? Register a domain now. Contribute I was just finishing off an article on keyword research and a friend of mine sent me a message on Skype….
Yes, the numbers seem good, but assumptions are being thrown around. I want to see proof. It may take a lot of visitors to even pull in a few cents, and who says domain names good enough to snag the occasional direct hit exist anymore for a decent price? If this is one of those things where its a definite 3%, well then that’s great… if you have a ton of money. Otherwise it doesn’t get you very far.
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With any venture to make money online, you need to start somewhere and this is no different with domain name flipping. Even though this is actually quite simple to do…. you do need to lay the groundwork!
AWESOME post. I saw your post over at the Flippa blog too. The content you put out is always detailed and thorough. I have always struggled understanding the life cycle of the domain registration process. The chart you included here really helps to visualize it. In fact, I’m printing it out and pasting it on my white board.
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All Assets Kumaraguru Thirunavukkarasu, founder ;domain name analyser; digital marketer; seo analyst
A The Basics of Domain Name Registration ProGamerMag looks good mate, why don’t you optimize it? Try to increase its ranking and PR, so that you can some more value to it and sell it for higher price!? 🙂
Lastly, set up forwarding through the name server for each of your domains with your web hosting company or domain registrar. Your Domain Parking will then be activated after 24 hours.
February 11, 2018 at 11:31 am Topics The next time you find yourself pounding your keyboard in frustration because the domain name you want is already taken, direct your ire toward Mike Mann.
6,552 Payoneer So, here are some other alternatives –,, DomainNameSales, eBay, NameJet, and Afternic and are some other popular marketplaces.
Traffic: If the website has proven natural traffic then again this will add more value. Laptop lifestyle Cookies I understand that it is more work… spend some time on it every day.
Brandable Domains: This is where you get creative. Mostly one-word, two-word max. If you can come up with names like these: Share by SMS
Interesting Finds Updated Daily If you’re selling your domain name for a large amount of money, you’ll need to make sure the transaction is secure. The best way to do this is by using an escrow service.
This type of business isn’t something most people start and get rich from quickly. Service Agreement I hope that helps get you started,
Greg Strandberg Rank Tracking By Posted on April 12, 2017 No Comments If you have ever been involved in traditional bricks and mortar real estate then you will understand how difficult it is maintaining the properties and looking after the tenants.
My transactions May 29, 2010 at 3:21 pm Even though a lot of people say that duplicate content is bad…. Any content is better on the website than no content. probably one of the most difficult parts of buying a domain name is figuring out if it has a penalty or as you said “someone elses dirty laundry”
A lucky few domainers have managed to sell single domains for 7-8 figures — the highest to date being $35M for in 2007, and the second highest at $13M for in 2010. Sometimes domain age plays a role, other times its the keywords that make up the SLD (Second Level Domain) name that warrants the premium. Fortunately, you do not need hundred-million dollar portfolios to have a viable domaining business.
You can sell domain names online just like any other product. Auction Calendar Building a solid domain portfolio is not a piece of cake; it may take you several months or years to achieve this goal but it will definitely be worth it in the end. When you are in the fishing phase, look at the potential of the domain name. Another common strategy used by seasoned domain flippers is to get hold of some high profile domain names and sit on them until they soar in terms of value.
My wife doesn’t read this blog – don’t tell her! If I end up falling behind on a project one week, I try to add hours to it the next. So how can I fit in writing and building Millennial Money? Dun dun dun.. something had to go. I took 10 hours from TV time and 10 hours from a consulting gig that I am planning to wind down. 20 hours. I can spend a maximum of 20 hours per week working on Millennial Money.
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