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If you find a domain name through a regular search, you will need to register it from the domain provider. You will probably only need to register the domain for one year since the goal is to turn it around as quickly as possible.
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Need Easy Extra $250+/Month For Free? “Who would have thought that money could be earned with an unused domain? Thanks to Sedo, everything was easily and quickly set up.”
Projects FeliciaCrawford edited 2016-11-03T10:28:13-07:00 Stumbleupon Secure registered domains once they’re available And a lot of times, you can find fantastic domain names on these auctions.
Communications © 2015-2018 MILLENNIAL MONEY LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | Millennial Money ® is a registered trademark of Millennial Money LLC | Disclaimer These should be more than enough to get your domain in front of tons of potential buyers. If you did a good job picking an awesome domain, you should have no problem (eventually) selling it. You need to be very patient as it could take months or even more to land a decent deal. A lot of domainers sit on domains for years before actually selling them. This is why it’s best not to obsess over a domain and simply move on with buying and listing others (or going back to your day job if this is a side gig) once you’ve listed the initial one.
In the domain flipping business, you have two options: In the domain names market, it is not uncommon for resellers or traders to buy hundreds of domain names in one go. The logic is that it is easier to find that pot of gold.
hi nice information.did you tried it practically or just read it some where… Domain extensions like .cloud, .info, .academy comes under this type. They are also known to rank higher in the search engine result pages as they include a keyword.
2014-07-02T10:34:48-07:00 Well it´s true. There are guys making millions a month with domain parking. And others making NOTHING.
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You can advertise on the landing pages of your domains that that the domains are for sale. Then the interested buyers can contact you. However, the best way to get your domains noticed by potential buyers is to list your domains for sale on  sites that specialize in domains such as Sedo, NameJet, Flippa, etc. If you bought a domain from a domain registrar with a marketplace, you can list the domain(s) for sale on the marketplace.Here are some options for getting you domain name sold.
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04/08/2012 at 7:52 AM This post was inspired by J Money’s post about why he thankfully didn’t sell Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance.
Some marketplaces will let you and buyers make offers and counteroffers with each other after you set your price. Domain name portfolio is a collection of domain names that an individual or organization buys to start the domain flipping business.
Business Normally we recommend enabling WHOIS Privacy to hide your contact information from the online WHOIS database; however, in this case, disabling this will make it easier for a person interested in your domain name to find you.
Jump up ^ “Cybersquatters can get rich if they’re quick, says .eu registry”. Out-law.com. Retrieved 15 November 2011.
Make sure it’s got no spammy links. A bit of PA/DA is always a bonus. Book
The Top 100 Places to Buy a Domain Name How am i going to make money out of it and when Do you have any other tip for us? Please share it in the comments!
Buy domain for $500, sell for $5000 I agree with your approach here and what you said about being in it for the quick riches. That can be applied to businesses in general.

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In fact, I’m NOT sorry that I find domain squatting, leasing, buying with the sole intention of selling for a higher price, etc. deplorable.
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Speculating and flipping are synonymous. Domain investing is based on good product.
Promotional Resources Microsoft Office Comodo If someone had a deal with Verisign, meaning they could get a LL or LLL .tv without a premium renewal, when it expired someone could jump on it and get the name. It’s how I first came to communicate with John Berryhill, back in 2004 LCD.tv a monster name that truly fit the extension dropped. Now at this time Verisign had some names with outrageous registration fees and renewals. WOW.tv was $50,000 a year at one time.
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Domain names describing the location have more chance to make money in domain flipping business.
Self Publishing Revolution Looking at some of these success stories, I wanted to give it a try. But, you might be able to get domain names for even less through an online auction.
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@ib2 @T-3D I’ve been a domain investor for over 10 years and have been very successful at it. There’s a lot more that goes into it then just registering a domain name and hoping it will sell. You can list your domains on Godaddy auction listings or on premium listings, I’ve had a lot of success with those. Some good resources are namebio.com, dnjournal.com, namepros.com and others.
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It is mind boggling how local search engine optimization has grown from a tiny market to a mammoth industry within a span of ten years or so. This is also one of the reasons why focusing majorly on local names is profitable. From doctors to pizza parlors to salons, everyone wants to see their business thrive on the first page of Google Search results with the help of target keywords.
View Results Snoopy says 2. You might get someone’s dirty laundry 2.5 Million -5 Million Independent Contractor Based How to Start a Domain Flipping Business?
Sometimes, domain name speculation involves finding domain names early in a market, particularly when a new top-level domain is launched, registering them and waiting until the market grows to sell them. Domains such as sex.com, marijuana.com and business.com have sold for millions of US dollars.[2][3]
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Sedo – Allows you to buy and sell domains from anywhere in the world. Offers domain auctions, appraisals, domain brokerage, domain transfers and more. Takes 10% of the sale price for selling a domain.
money is just an idea. 🙂 It’s ranking high today! What could be the problem? NO. JUST STOP. Unless you know the entire history of a domain, you may be setting yourself up for failure before you begin. SEOs (and business owners) use a variety of tactics to get a site ranking high in search results. For some of these methods, we’ll just call them “questionable”. These methods could include everything from buying links, overuse of directory submissions (non-industry related), duplicate listings, poor quality backlinks, and guest blog comments.
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