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July 29, 2018 Obsess Over Money? Use Your Type-A Personality to Fix Your Financial Woes Jen Smith That’s astonishing confidence in a market this hard to predict. The value of names collapsed with the economy a few years ago, and demand dried up for all but the best names. And plenty of companies are glad to start their businesses with .CO or .ME names, or simply use quirky spellings so as not to pay the crazy prices demanded by greedy domainers, which is why Flickr and Digg are spelled the way they are. – The phrase alone “Really Good Joke” has between 10k – 100k average monthly searches, this is the highest searched name I found. Meaning that people are regularly looking for a really good joke. So having the domain name that matches exactly this search, will be very valuable.
August 2017 Like Posted at 22:57h, 19 November Reply Afterinc Lodging Setting a specific price is the preferred method for domain sellers that have a large portfolio of domains and aren’t in a rush to sell them.
Forum Administration (620) Popular posts like this I am slowly moving out of the quick-flip business as the competition has become fierce in the wholesale auction market. I have also put a much bigger focus on my domain name brokerage company, Starfire Holdings. Brokering (whether acquisition or sell side) high quality, six- and seven-figure assets is quite a thrilling experience, and I am becoming very addicted to it.
All these factors constitute if a domain name is premium or not. .ОРГ
2. Run Ads With Cheap/Free Hosting Mashable $388 Website Checker Sell Your Apps on Amazon Domains are real estate. You should be educating your clients on the value of a good domain name and adding brokerage to your list of skills. 
Hi Brendon, if you have domains that you do not use, you can list them in a marketplace if you feel that they can be sold.
So here’s a list of the most common approaches people take when selling domains. Once you’ve settled on some domain name ideas, you can head over to a bulk domain search tool such as DynaDot’s to mass check all the names against different TLDs. When you’ve found one (or a few) good candidates, you can simply go ahead and register them for approximately $10 each. The next step would then be to market them. Then finally, it’s a waiting game.
iPad app 19 Nov $45,000 for Do you still realize its power? Book Reviews 40+ Free One-Column Website Templates We’ll send you news and offers.
Here’s How To Start Domain Flipping (I tried it) Over $200 Timothy Spears The biggest complaint we hear about new companies these days is “what a stupid name”. Even Bill Maher has been taking potshots at the seemingly childish names web companies choose.
Step 5: Find an Existing Domain Name.
B. Selling Domains Project Management I have another questions that will help a lot of people buying aged domains……ml#post8072517
Book Reviews June 7, 2010 at 10:49 am “Back in the day, who would have thought that a random-group-of-letters-dot-com would be worth something?” says Jeremiah Johnson, chief operating officer of the domain auction site “Well, to that company that has the corresponding name, it’s worth a lot.”
FAQs Earnings Disclaimer Seller benefits MONEY Which company is your preferred for domain leasing? I did a search on Google for domain leasing and came up with “Lease This” and “Lease My”. Would love to hear more about domain leasing.
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1k – 10k By Pritam Nagrale on July 16, 2012 3 First, if you are buying premium-priced domains, make sure you understand how they work. Check if the premium fee is charged every year or just the first year. .Club is an example of a TLD  that only costs more the first year.
All domains I sell are hand-registered by me, every day, new. I always have an inventory of around 2,000. Some I keep for very long term, some I sell immediately, some I sell in months, most I let drop or park if there is no action.
Upselling and Cross selling to boost your online sales July 3, 2012, 4:47 pm
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You need to buy a niche specific domain name, put up quality articles and stuff related to the niche, get backlinks, make it SEO-friendly to get organic traffic, get a good social media following and then after a year or so, you can sell it to make crazy money online.
E-Mail & Office EVENTS My wife doesn’t read this blog – don’t tell her! If I end up falling behind on a project one week, I try to add hours to it the next. So how can I fit in writing and building Millennial Money? Dun dun dun.. something had to go. I took 10 hours from TV time and 10 hours from a consulting gig that I am planning to wind down. 20 hours. I can spend a maximum of 20 hours per week working on Millennial Money.
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Monetize Buying a domain name is simple, however, finding one that will actually yield a profit is much more difficult. There are a myriad of factors that determine the value of a domain name, but the major factors are memorability and keyword/SEO optimization.
All Development Pricing – How Much To Sell It For 10 Meditation PLR Articles (PLR / MRR)
100 – 1k February 14, 2018 at 12:39 pm Business Technology & Customer Support»
Making money with domains: An aftermarket success story Thanks BossMD,
Editor’s note: Price your domains with confidence. With GoDaddy Domain Appraisals, you can get the most accurate and comprehensive domain pricing estimates available. We use an exclusive algorithm that relies on both machine learning and real market sales data to estimate domain values. Best of all? It’s free.
You may argue that those domain appraising companies are there to help establish prices. But there is no guarantee that unscrupulous businesses may not come out with ridiculous valuations in order to drive the market up north.
What is Domain Flipping? August 15, 2010 at 1:47 am For example, if you set a price of $100, but someone offers you $50, you can counter their offer with $75 or another price you’re comfortable with. Or, refuse the offer altogether.
Part The buyer badly overpaid, it is not “worth $500,000” just because someone paid it. It is another
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  1. That’s why people do it!
    I was essentially value investing. Finding domain names that I believed to have more value in the wholesale market than I was acquiring them for. After purchasing the domain names, I would list them at auction and use my marketing strategies to get the word out to other investors.
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  2. since our naira mastercard is no longer accepted on foreign websites, how do we make payment if ee want to use godaddy?
    How does one make money from domain parking?
    The Penny Hoarder
    The Complete Domain Flipping Tutorial

  3. Domain extensions like .cloud, .info, .academy comes under this type. They are also known to rank higher in the search engine result pages as they include a keyword.
    Mobile Apps
    Landscaping & Pool
    The first step is to, of course, find domain names to purchase.

  4. Science & Innovation
    Learn How to Make Money Online
    How to Self Publish a Book on Amazon: 23 Steps to Launching a Kindle eBook That Makes Over $100 a Day
    It will take you time to gain mastery on domain flipping. You might make many mistakes along the way and even lose money over ‘bad investments’. Bear in mind, that’s part of the learning process.
    I have a question though..

  5. One of the main problems concerning trademarks and domain names in unrestricted TLDs and gTLDs is that of trademarks in general: the rights of the trademark owner have to be asserted in order to protect the trademark. The trademark owner has to take legal action, typically a UDRP, to defend the trademark after the potentially infringing domain has been registered. The UDRP action has to follow a procedure of notifying the respondent, receiving a reply from the respondent, appointing an adjudication panel and awaiting a decision. The process can take two months or more[29] and all costs (typically more than $1,000 even for a single domain) are borne by the complainant, while the infringing party stands to lose nothing except the registration fee (usually under $10) for the original domain and the registrar of the infringing name incurs no penalty at all.
    You will not get rich overnight
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  6. Let me know if guys need any more specifics. Comment below. Questions? Ask away… If I missed anything, experienced Domainers please chime in. All comments are welcome and appreciated. Now get out there and make it happen!
    ‎03-09-2018 07:18 AM
    Start Your Own Website Guide
    A scalable cloud solution with complete cost control
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  7. Operations
    Subdomain – virtual domains used to partition an SLD. For example, the “mail” in is a subdomain of domain
    I OWNED DOMPERIGNON.ORG, incredible, but true.  Lost it, back in the days when internet in India was not a readily accessible utility. And I was a casual domainer.  You had to go to a cybercafe. Did that late in the day, towards the expiry of the domain. No chance of renewal. The domain is now with the owners of Dom Perignon and is redirected to! 
    Something like this, you get the picture. And keep in mind that there are going to be exceptions. And you will stumble upon gems if you are diligent and know where to look to snatch up the good domains as they become available.
    I never thought that leasing domain would be possible. Maybe if I have enough saving, I could try this strategy in having domains. I heard selling domains, sites can really give you huge amount of money.
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  8. 6. You can quit your day job and start domaining full time – unless you already own a solid portfolio of high quality domains/developed websites and your income from domaining is considerable, this is something you absolutely should NOT do! Very few people in the industry can afford this and most of them started out 10+ years ago.
    Can it be easily replaced by an alternative?
    Then there are even more creative arrangements.
    Investors of domain names are always exposed to certain business risks.
    Do not contact them attempting to sell the name. That opens you up to trademark infringement, and they may be able to sue you to get the name without paying.
    I was thinking of using BrandBucket to sell some brandable domains but wanted to see if anyone has had any success with them? Seems like they are…
    Amazon Prime
    How you list your domain for sale will determine how much money you make from it. If you’re looking for a quick sale, the auction format will prompt people to act before the auction ends and they lose the chance. However, there is a risk that the sale will only reach $1, rather than $1,000.
    Finally, some premium top level domain names can be purchased on a payment plan. is a site that offers domains with a down payment and then monthly payments over five years. There’s no obligation to continue making payments if you decide you no longer want the domain or are unable to sell it to someone else.
    So, not always will you be purchasing a brand new fresh domain for around $10. That is usually only done when you are buying a domain for branding (for example, putting a twist on a word or phrase, that aren’t real words) or keyword phrases that are real words searched in google. We call these traffic domains. (details below)

  9. on fashion brands AbeBooks
    06/09/2010 at 10:21 AM
    Food delivery from
    b change everything onpage at that say scwebmaster to DBL07 and build fresher site there that points to my site
    Who is the target audience?
    No problem, glad you liked it!

  10. Ali Zandi, an aftermarket success
    Domain with Website: If you add a website then this will automatically add more value.

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