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What you need to realise is this… Where To List Your Domain Names So Buyers Find Them money
Flippa’s Domain Buying Guide (PDF) .accountants Denmark continues to publish domain name WHOIS records
YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Go Daddy is destroying domain sales – The perpetual 80 day auction and Sedo’s refusal to remove domains from Go Daddy Brighter Vision
HOSTING PLANS STARTING AT: I stated the blog with big plans, but then I stopped writing. Now here was my chance to make $44,700 on my domain investment and I didn’t have to write another post, or have the guilty feeling that I should be writing more. Everything rational investor in me told me to sell! Get rid of it! Take the money! Build a new kitchen!
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Already got your domain? Check out these 10 things you should do after registering a domain name. June 15, 2016 I registered for a GoDaddy Auction account 2 months ago and have attempted to buy 2 domain names in that time.
domainal Your Name (required) Says: Ken B. About 10 years ago I discovered the secret to domain success. Though, not much of a secret, domain development is a wonderful way to improve upon your investment, yet it is highly underutilized. Once I figured that out, I began developing everything I could get my hands. It’s one of those things that I’m so passionate about, I tend to recommend development to everyone I talk to, even if it wasn’t even remotely close to the topic they initiated. It’s funny sometimes, the expression on people’s faces when a conversation they started with me makes a 180 degree turn from, “Where can I find an end user for my domain?” to “You should develop it, and here’s why!”
Say Goodbye to Any Kind of Domaining Privacy Customize your domain with up to 100 sub-domains, such as and This will allow you to create unique pages within your website. Learn how to do this in the Help Center.
BLOGGING Efty Furthermore, it will be harder and harder to find that “diamond in the rough” because (with broader exposure) you will be less likely to be the “only” person expressing a bidding interest. Therefore, that $69.00 lucky find, default win, becomes a much larger investment, with a far lower margin.
This part can be a little tricky, but there are a number of options available to you.
Forum For more details on how to add domain privacy to your domains check out this support guide.
$9.95 Ok, awesome well done deadbeat your keeping up well, let’s move on! Meystedt remains optimistic about his company’s newly launched division. “It was a good first effort,” he said immediately after the auction, noting that, all totaled, more than $400,000 worth of domain names were sold, and that unsold lots remain for sale for another 60 days on the Heritage website. Today he sent an email saying that there was “a lot of post auction activity on the mutual fund name” and five minutes later dashed off a second email saying that another $100,000-worth of domain names had been sold since last night’s auction.
@TRT_Tricia What is domain flipping? Want to Invest in Domains? Here Are The 7 Golden Rules – A resource for domain name owners Tough Domains launches intelligent domain marketplace to buy and sell domains
March 16, 2018 Sorry, I meant to say that like Rebecca, I had thought the domain names were bought for $10 and sold for thousands later but didn’t mean I found it unethical. I don’t, and should have included that in my response.
Buying up older expired domains with a niche focus can serve as an internal lead generation system. For domains with a narrow focus, redirecting them to specific landing pages on your more general high-converting website can be an excellent way of leveraging your domains into a sort private Adwords / PPC campaign.
By my count, 136 of the 676 2-letter .com domain names are now owned by Chinese registrants, breaking the 20% barrier (20.1% to be exact).
Gomer Magtibay #784 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Computers & Technology > Business
Judith Adhiambo Here’s a list of where you can buy/research domains: Domain Estimators Which method did you use to find buyers and contact them? What about the one you sold…was it by way of email?
Now bear in mind these are not full blown businesses with websites, these are just the domains selling for these prices.
It’s been anything but a 🍾 Happy New Year 🎉 for me over the last 24 hours. 😔 I am happy to help, Jim. Thanks for the feedback! One of the best books in Amazon. “Isn’t it better to invest in education instead of spending thousands of dollars on renewals or buying worthless domains? I certainly thought so, and I am glad I did! DNAcademy is not only the perfect place to get proper education, but reaches into the very DNA of a domain name investor. Michael’s 6×6 Matrix might spare you hours of pointless cold-calling, and another tactic might teach you how to find and compare other domain sales so that you don’t undervalue a great domain that you have. My only wish is that I found out about this sooner.”
your domain with Presentation is everything, it has to capture the attention and the eye of the

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Richard this is basic economics. Because they sold high and now they want to buy low again!
– $15,100 (Send on your own) Trends Report Click here to Enlarge Domains with one word, brandables, with the new extensions, which can be registered now with 10-50 USD (and annual fee of 10-50 USD), will be worth after 10 years 10,000 – 100,000 USD.
aatif Are you buying shit names? Browse By: Organizations, People, Events List by Popularity Chart by Popularity February 11, 2014 6 min read
Sync Expiration Dates Check Who Makes This Event Possible!
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Domain parking Understanding your mobile data usage Want to discuss your queries and interact with experts? You can connect with HellBound Bloggers (HBB) Facebook group for free!
0 Thread replies Ok, so moving on… You will learn how to grab premium domains using an external service without having to spend time looking for premium domains.
Even the best products go unsold if customers don’t know where to find them. Give your business the attention it deserves with promotional tools that attract visitors and keep them coming back.
Register to rate this story You know how I always imagine it a few years from now? Big hedge funds which pool money to invest in domains, that’s where I see it going. The prices of today will be so small they will seem a joke once the big corporations start investing heavily. What this means is that like you put it, the ones who are buying domains now will cash out big in the future but the ones who will want to buy domains in the future will have a hard time doing that because a few years from now the prices will be very high.
– ETC Millions of new domains have already been registered, for a variety of different reasons. Some companies use them as complementary domains to an existing brand (Slack is using for support); others use them as a primary URL; some see a marketing purpose, others have defensive reasons.
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    Verisign recently  reported that the number of registered dot-com domain names exceeded 128 million for the first time. With a wholesale price of $7.85 each, this means $1,004,800,000 in annual fees, and that’s before factoring in reseller prices, country code domains and alternative extensions to measure the domain-name industry as a whole.

  2. Making money in domaining isn’t brain surgery. It isn’t easy, especially at this point in the game, but it can be done.
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  3. Whois Info: When your domain is for sale you want to be as “reachable” as possible and make it as simple as possible for anyone to inquire about it. This is why it might be a good idea to not opt for private whois so your email and contact info would be easily discoverable.
    – $23,000
    Age and Authority: Aged domains typically have greater domain authority due to their age and the potential they’ve had for gaining backlinks over the years. This is another reason why short domain names (that were probably registered 10+ years ago) are so expensive.
    Names of cities or countries, including up-and-coming locations, can be great investments over time that can be sold to web developers looking to build out community portals or other businesses centered on those communities.

  4. – Saturday, July 28, 2018 – 15:23
    It’s basically a string of recognizable words that, when typed in the browser, redirects the user to your server IP.

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  6. Jump up ^ “asia Registration Requirements”. Retrieved 15 November 2011.
    Go through some of the challenges commonly faced by people entering the domain flipping business.
    How much cash do you have to invest in domain acquisition?
    Tom T says

  7. My only point is that domainer enthusiasm has been diverted by a separate industry and topic. Why? Because that topic seems to be more vibrant than the domain industry per se. Enthusiasm about cryptocurrency among domainers is another way of saying LACK of enthusiasm about the bread-and-butter domain landscape.
    Like you say, people are working away quietly. And “boring” is good. The domain industry is maturing slowly. Eventually we’ll outgrow the easily excitable teenage years and settle into something responsible & steady.
    At the recent Heritage action,, registered in 1996 and last sold publicly for $300,000, was listed with a required starting bid of $50,000. It was among the many that went unsold.
    Partner Offers
    Then you are at the right place right now. Let me tell you why …
    A year ago, Frank Schilling was bashed relentlessly on forums and blogs. I don’t blame him for working quietly now, and so do other domain investors. Even Drew Rosener, who seems to share more in the open through his own show, doesn’t reveal all his cards. Rick Schwartz is off the light of social media, but he’s domaining full time, rest assured.

  8. January 8, 2018 at 8:38 pm So where do you find expired domain names?
    Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you…
    Partner with
    Looking for something?
    I’ve been saying for years, but when filing a lawsuit against UDRP decisions, domain owners need to include the panelists and the arbitration forum itself. Panelists personally losing hundreds of thousands of dollars will stop this nonsense. The NAF and WIPO have very dubious jurisdiction and any of their decisions should be challenged in a real court.
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  9. Really looking forward to your post on how to do this. Very interesting business. I hope it works out for you. Income doesn’t get more passive than this! Thanks for sharing.
    Inc. Events & Offers
    By Spencer Haws
    Now it’s a Gold Rush, a perfect moment to invest.
    SE Tactics
    Domain Name for Dummies: How to Buy A Domain Name
    February 28, 2018

  10. While .INVESTMENTS will naturally lend itself to matters related to money, the new Domain Extension will also be a home for investments of human potential, energy and time. Those highly invested in a given hobby or endeavor can use the new Domain Extension to share about their passion and experience. With this extension, there’s no limits to what users can do.
    The Spectator, 22 Old Queen Street, London, SW1H 9HP
    Website Templates
    If you find a domain name through a regular search, you will need to register it from the domain provider. This process is usually fairly straightforward. You will probably only need to register the domain for one year since the goal is to turn it around as quickly as possible.
    The domains that you want may be taken (already registered by another person or company) or they may be available and not owned by anyone (the domain name may have never been registered, or the domain name has become expired and are now available for anyone).
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    We need your help to keep giving domainers The Lowdown, so please email with any interesting information you might have. If possible, include the source of your information so we can check it out (for example a URL if you read it in a forum or on a site elsewhere). 

  11. Blog Design
    The United Domains Group includes United Domains Inc. (Cambridge, MA) and the ICANN-accredited registrar united-domains AG (Munich, Germany). Our mission is to make domain registration affordable, transparent, and simple. We offer 400+ domain extensions, along with domain privacy, free domain pre-registration, and unparalleled customer support.
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    Domaining is the business of buying, selling, developing and monetizing domain names.
    The long term answer is the TLD .top because no other TLD can top it, no other TLD will ever be able to top it.
    Learn how to build
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