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GabGoldenberg Become a member Normally we recommend enabling WHOIS Privacy to hide your contact information from the online WHOIS database; however, in this case, disabling this will make it easier for a person interested in your domain name to find you.
Franklin Hatchett We scoured domain-name resource DN Journal and put together a list of documented million-dollar, domain-only “.com” sales. Some have been squatted on for 20 years and have only recently traded hands.
Answered Mar 26 2016 · Author has 55 answers and 51.2k answer views Shafi Khan says
All Design or handed over the domain to an online jewelry retailer,, in a private sale for one of the priciest domain-name swaps of all time.
Financial Freedom Book And then there are always some legal issues involved. 2015-03-19T04:42:36-07:00
Chris February 5, 2007 at 4:02 am The next time you find yourself pounding your keyboard in frustration because the domain name you want is already taken, direct your ire toward Mike Mann.
Domain flipping Auto Whois $0.99 Even though generic domain names are usually taken, there may be some unregistered domain names. You’re lucky if you can find such a domain name; waste no time and get it registered with the best domain registrar company because that will enable you to sell your domain name to the interested party easily.
Find affordable time and attendance systems ivetriedthat Step 3: Research potential price Remember I said, you don’t necessarily have to use your creativity and think up names? What I meant was, there are thousands of domains expiring every day. You will need to look through the expiring domain lists and auctions that are about to get resold at a discount.

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make money with domains

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On How to Grow Kalanchoe, a reader asks: What To Eat For Breakfast In Malacca – 7 Places That You May Like There is a method to the madness though and if you are disciplined, calculated, and know what to look for, along with being persistent – you will make money, period. Domain flipping is a true investment, an actual asset class, exactly like real estate is. Internet real estate. Focus mostly on .COM domains. Think limited in supply=valuable.
Warren Mori Economy & Policy if you contact us via chat or contact form we can offer 1 month of gold for free for readers of
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NS1.SEDOPARKING.COM 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Check now Step 4 – Market Your Domain Names for Sale Social Good
Simply, some domains do better than others, so you minimize your loss risk by doing this.
3. Add Content Mobile devices Domains help your website to be found, be easy to remember and strengthen your Internet presence. 8 How To Monetize Apps Ideas to Make Money from your Android / iPhone Applications
Fortunately, on the Internet we find free resources to improve the results in the search of a good domain such as those described below:
The Internet #2) Modern Domain Flipping – Instead of selling a domain name immediately after buying, one can nourish it and sell it when it grows big. Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Raymond Hackney says Introduction Make a Living Without a Job Lending: Enabled MattRoney edited 2015-04-16T15:39:52-07:00 Still having doubts about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Altcoins? Study the technology behind them by reading about Blockchain. This book is for you!
Home & Mortgage I have personally spent countless hours researching in how to buy the best domains, speaking to other domains sellers and working out the best system for selling domains. In this course you will get a proven step-by-step for the best and most profitable way to make money from selling domains. I have bought domains for less than $9 and sold for $5,000. Many of my colleagues have sold domains for up to $40,000 and above.
Brad says 6 Best 4K HDR Smart TV Like Xiaomi MI TV4 to Buy in 2018 Do’s And Don’ts Of Flipping Websites Specialist and repurposed ccTLDs have also seen elements of domain name speculation. One of the best examples is that of the .tv ccTLD which has found the fact that TV is an abbreviation for the word television to be rather lucrative. The .mobi TLD is a good example of a specialist TLD in that it is specifically targeted at mobile phones and similar mobile technology. The operators of .mobi, mTLD, have reserved some of the premium generic words which will be auctioned off. The intent is to create a more level playing field for those interested in developing websites. The .mobi premium generic words and phrases list is a good example of the domain names that are at the heart of most early-market domain name speculation.
WHMCS Add an “o” and the deal gets even better. In the mid ’90s, the domain market was all about speculation – buying desirable Web addresses, such as, in the hopes that one day a big company would buy it for a huge amount. However, people like Ye soon discovered that almost any domain name could become a money maker thanks to PPC companies like Google and Yahoo. was rumored to be selling for even more money — $2.5 million. But it came in at $1.7 million after being purchased by Real Estate Disposition Corp.
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  1. Sponsored by Tough Domains
    This is some insightful stuff, I like how you went in-depth with your post. Your images are on point. Your ads are carefully in place. Social engagement is well-received.
    Virtual Real Estate: How to Make Money Buying and Selling Domain Names – A 2014 Guide to Flipping Domains (with Investing Tips and Email Sales Letter Templates)
    The market-driven principles of the domain trade mean that a domain is only worth as much as the buyer is willing to pay. It is for this reason that criteria such as market potential and usability play such central roles in determining prices. Values can change at the drop of a hat. The price of a domain that was once of little interest to anyone in years past can skyrocket once, for example, a newly founded company takes interest in that same name.
    A great place to look is
    5000 x 365 = 1.825.000
    1. Sell Your Domain Name Online
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  2. Home & Property Services
    Basically, that’s it. The registration is instant and free, we always have a few dozen orders to work on and our ranking system is designed to encourage talented contributors – the more successful suggestions you make, the higher your commission. What are you waiting for – give it a try!
    Easy access to live customer support by phone or email
    Develop a system for finding the right buyers
    Is Buying Domain Names Profitable?
    How to Make Money Buying Domains
    Bagwell Marketing: Domain Name Primer
    Now, if these are generally unheard-of domains that cost you $1 to buy and register for three years, that’s not a big deal. On the other hand, if it’s a good exact-match domain on a .com that costs you $5,000 to buy, only to sit in your portfolio with no content, that’s a huge wasted investment. So it is that domain hoarding can become a problem.

  3. If you want to pick domains to add to your portfolio, you need to pass them through a number of different filters. If they fail one of these filters, they probably aren’t going to make you any money, and should be ignored.
    The marketplace direct link is
    Once you have an interested party, now is the time to make the sale. This involves responding quickly to their inquiry and coming up with an agreeable price for the domain, potentially negotiating with the buyer as part of the process.
    3D & Animation
    If you’re curious about how much people have made while buying and selling domain names or domain flipping, here are some examples of success stories that have hit the news.
    Some registrars do not allow domains to drop in the normal fashion, instead introducing an intermediary (e.g., Snapnames and Namejet) that auction the domain prior to their deletion. If nobody buys the domain at auction, it will pass through the normal deletion process.[37]
    Unearthing the real values of domains is not always easy, but we can make a few educated guesses based on what has worked so far.

  4. Financial Freedom Book (& Bonuses!) June 7, 2018
    Building a solid domain portfolio is not a piece of cake; it may take you several months or years to achieve this goal but it will definitely be worth it in the end. When you are in the fishing phase, look at the potential of the domain name. Another common strategy used by seasoned domain flippers is to get hold of some high profile domain names and sit on them until they soar in terms of value.

    You don’t want your domain name to be exploited for profit by someone else. But what can you do about it?
    It would be interesting to list the top sites where you can buy and sell domains.
    What’s in a web address?
    Write for Us
    Domain flipping in 2017 can be risky due to several reasons:
    Register a domain, and sell it for profit on eBay.

  6. What I would have liked to see was more in depth case studies..however, the ones included were an added bonus as I didn’t expect to see real world examples of domains sold. It would be nice to know how exactly Aishwin uses tools to go out and find end users as well as contact them. If you have dozens to hundreds of domains there should be a system followed…and that I was hoping to find in the ebook. There were bits and pieces and good tips but as for a actionable step by step was not there.
    Would you recommend this class to other students?
    The company
    Domain Parking. Parking a domain means registering the domain but not putting a site on it. You essentially turn the domain into a landing page with a “this domain for sale” site on it, knowing basically no one is going to be interested in buying the domain. You cover this landing page with ads, and whenever someone lands on the page to see if it exists, you make some money. Then, if someone does express interest in buying the domain, you can sell it for a profit.
    Managed VPS
    Seller benefits
    Domain Investments

  7. Tumblr
    To find popular phrases I opened up the Google Keyword Planner. This free tool by Google, allows you to find out how often a word or phrase is searched in Google. A phrase like “Yoga Mat’ has on average, about 10K – 100k monthly searches. That’s A LOT. However a more niche phrase like “Good Yoga Mats” only has 100 – 1K monthly searches. These seem similar, but I wanted to focus on the exact popular phrase that people are searching for.
    Many people think of domain buying and selling to be one of the easiest methods of making quick money. Perhaps, you may have heard of someone buying a domain name for under $3000 and then selling it for $25,000. A quick $22,000 profit! Such stories can be very motivating! And that sort of money does exchange hands (Go through 10 of the biggest domain name sales of all time!). But these deals don’t come as easy as they seem! Ask anyone who flips domains for a living and he/she’ll tell you the amount of hard work and skill that goes into it.
    Microsite Selling. You can buy up domains and set up very basic microsites on them to rack up some value. These sites are basically narrow niche sites with a dozen or so pages on them, and maybe one blog post per month, just to keep them active. They run affiliate links, generally, and can make you some money. This is, however, more time consuming and difficult to implement profitably. The idea is, of course, to make some affiliate money from the site while building up enough value that it’s worth selling.

  8. jean says:
    Method 2 requires a lot more work, so it is always best to plan your attack. The upside of starting a business like this now is that many people have shared their experiences from domain flipping. No matter if these lessons are good or bad; reading up on these real business stories can help you build a solid plan.
    10 Legit Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $25
    Show more… (7)
    Step 3: Research potential price
    FreeValuator (I have found that FreeValuator has the most realistic valuations). They also have professional expert appraisals for only $69, the cheapest I’ve found. And they have a free crowd valuation model, where you list your domain and the community tells you what they think it’s worth.
    Udemy for Business
    Domain extension – Anything within the top level domains can potentially fetch better prices than newer domain extensions. However, the .com, has proven to be the most favorable as it carries more commercial values.

  9. — $9,999,950
    In fact, I am almost certain that most people will lose money on the first few domain names they attempt to flip.
    Yes, that is a good place to start when trying to sell a domain name.
    Do not think for a minute that you have lost your chance. You can use two or three-word target keywords or explore domain names which will expire soon. Use advanced filtering tools to get hold of them.
    Mobile Apps
    4. Buying and Selling Domains – High value domains are almost always sold at auctions that bring out investors that have deep pockets. Some of these auctions include:, t.r.a.f.f.i.c., and However, there are a lot of private party sales that no one knows about and those are mostly done through contacts that sellers have with investors or are able to find end user buyers for valuable domains.
    Please note that This Online World has financial relationships with the Amazon Affiliate program and other merchants/companies. Affiliate links may be used for the purpose of earning commission. While all attempts are made to present correct information, it may not be appropriate for your specific circumstances and information may become outdated. Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.
    Find a Domain

  10. How to Sell a Domain Name at The Highest Price?
    Then the machines take over. “The robot just goes to the registrars — buy, buy, buy,” he said.
    Know why your “make millions of dollar” strategies never really work, John? It’s because if they were true, real and consistent, everyone would flock to them, therefore driving down the profitability and resulting in some minor and marginal profit. This article inadvertently makes the point.
    Electric Cars
    Jaaxy 2.0
    Web Development (158)
    What is a domain for?
    The 4 Best Online Print-on-Demand Book Services for Self-Publishers
     Sedo – $100 appraisal fee (world-renowned, most sought after appraising service and marketplace/auction). Appraisal is free if you use their broker service.

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    Great read too, keep up the great wofk.
    Best Speakers
    They earn money by buying domain names and selling them for a profit.
    « Post the best name you have for sale for $5,000 or less

    SSL Comparison
    I would not recommend to use GoDaddy auctions too. I follow the strategy that Jamie teach on Domainer Elite and I list most of the domains on the premium listing of GoDaddy which are free. Sometimes I use Flippa also.
    Domain trade: making money off of domains?
    Some people have their domains for a specific purpose with intent to build a website, and they won’t want to part with it.

  13. How to Make Money on Etsy: Follow These 5 Successful Tips
    Lean Domain Search – It is a specialized tool to search unusual and undiscovered money-making domain names with prefix and suffix combinations.
    Ease of Making Money
    Greetings @ib2 ,
    Invest 30-40 hours in making the client’s site soar in results
    Learning how to make money by flipping domain names can be challenging not only for beginners but also for more advanced online marketers.
    Preview 05:50
    Then our service team will transfer your new domain to your desired registrar within just a few days.
    Prime Photos

    Here are top ten places for selling your domains for the most cash:
    Best of Millennial Money
    Satrap says
    You shouldn’t buy a domain just because it is 3 letters and 15 years old…do your homework!

  15. Some buy and sell dot com Geos only.
    Home Office
    How much would this domain help them to sound authoritative in their space?

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