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It’s a legitimate way to make money, and it’s called domain flipping. The #1 marketplace to buy and sell online businesses
Sell a Service Page Rank (although most domainers don’t fully understand SEO) Know your rights under the Anti-cyber squatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). This is the main federal law that deals with domain name trademark disputes. These distinctions are still a legal gray area, and being able to make these claims is no guarantee you will win a case. You should consult with a copyright lawyer to help determine the validity of your defense. If you are accused of cybersquatting, you may be able to keep your domain if you can make any of the following defenses in court:
Things can get a little sticky when flipping domains, so it’s very important that you understand what you’re doing, and know what to avoid, before you purchase domains for your portfolio. Buy and Sell Established Websites In fact, I am almost certain that most people will lose money on the first few domain names they attempt to flip.
Download John’s Latest eBook Expired domain names, especially, are ones you may be able to score for cheap prices. Fine Art
(1) Being able to come up with solutions and a plan to find the best domain names available to flip…
Follow Us Make your description interesting with information on why someone should buy. You may follow the same description when you bought the domain.
Work at Home Domain Flipping Flipping domains is one of the best ways to start making money from virtually 0. Although is not a passive stream of income, it’s still a great way to get some capital gain! What you will do is very simple: you will buy a domain for $9 and …
It’s nowhere near as easy or profitable as it was 10+ years ago. Networking
Buying and Selling domains: Is it still profitable? Above you provided great information about buying and selling domain names. I have been to many blogs about the same and I have read the people make millions just by selling domain names. It’s a process that one needs to learn with time and can give a good earning by reselling the domain name. The business is fruitful but one needs to read, understand the value of a domain name. Buying every domain name is a waste of money. One must see the future potential growth for that particular domain.
It is obviously not a quick process for most people and may not always work. B. Selling Domains
“pay attention to the number of words in the domain name, for example one or two word domain names sell for much higher prices”. Get Started With Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux and Raspberry… Alternatively, you can purchase expired or current domain names that already have a good amount of traffic, profitability, etc.
11 Lectures 18:03 Memory & Study Skills Read more about these and other tips: Work From Home Giveaways
social media hermessantos 0 Ultimately, I think this free domain hunting tool offers a great solution for novice flippers to get in on the action.  That’s it! You can get started with your domain right away.
72,110 Blog Monetization Tips Flipping domain names is an active process that requires your time and attention. If you think you can just buy a bunch of domains, list them at the popular domain buying/selling sites and watch the money flow in, you are highly mistaken.
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Buy domain for $10-$30, sell for $100-$300 One person found this helpful
Many are aged domains with 10 years or more age. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. was sold at $3,100,000 Mashable Asia Mashable Australia Mashable France Mashable India Mashable UK Spencer Haws
March 2017 Registering or Squatting Domains Is Not Unethical. Go Hello, I am currently looking at selling one of my largest earning websites and looking for some advice on how to go about selling it. The…
04:56 Kumaraguru Thirunavukkarasu, founder ;domain name analyser; digital marketer; seo analyst Instructional Design There are plenty of people on flippa doing this for everyday earning. You can find that some of the people on the domainpros also doing this as a day job. So it can be a good earning. You just have to find out the good rate. Also you have to establish good domain strength. That’s how you can easily promote your content to others. I have seen some people making some good money out of domain sales alone. If the domain is properly developed with blog then even more money.
It basically gives the lessee full control over whether they want to purchase the domain or not within this period. Cloud Server Hosting
Business & Money Review Request I have a question though.. Technology Explained
If you are just starting your domain flipping business, I recommend you to spend some time on this site. .DE You need to avoid that scenario and make the domain creative but keeping in mind the remembrance factor.
Youssef El Akkari Web Content Development Sign up client for basic SEO services at $600-1000 (depending upon site and competition) per month
John Williams October 25, 2006 at 2:49 pm Interviews Trademark Laws on Domain Names Extension: .com being the most valuable
You need to park the ones that have traffic and sell their traffic for profit. & Knitting Goodreads
Yes, the numbers seem good, but assumptions are being thrown around. I want to see proof. It may take a lot of visitors to even pull in a few cents, and who says domain names good enough to snag the occasional direct hit exist anymore for a decent price? If this is one of those things where its a definite 3%, well then that’s great… if you have a ton of money. Otherwise it doesn’t get you very far.
Huge List of 93 Android and iPhone Apps That Really Pay You Money! Great comments everyone and thanks for sharing your experience @Troy!
Target Groups Brand/ Name Identity Usually, these auction sites take 20% – 30% of the sale. They take so much because they are providing the audience that is actively looking for buying and selling domain names. Otherwise, it’d take forever to sell a name.
Registrar ServicesEarn money with SedoMLS & Domain Parking Look for valuable domain names. You want to find the best names to purchase, which can give you a better chance of making money. While every site is different, there are several basic principles you can follow to maximize the value of sites you find and purchase.
ListingDock Thanks Stephen. Interestingly enough, the company that offered me $45,000 are clearly keeping an eye on the domain. A few days after I published this post, they reached out wanting to continue “discussions” and said they could offer more. I don’t know how much more or honestly, what I would sell it for. But there is always a price. It would be hard to refuse $200,000+
Buy or sell domains with our quick and easy system judsonsolomon 5 years ago an entry to the contest… a money prize contest of verifiable sales results…
The other point with the TLD’s its not so much of a land grab to get that perfect domain name there are more options for people to look into getting.
Affiliate Disclaimer | Earnings Disclaimer | Privacy Policy Greetings @ib2 , So the fundamental concept is very simple. The best thing is that you can sell as many domains as you want at the same time. Depending on which domains you choose and how you decide to promote, you will make sales.
But this is not the case with domain names trading. is similar to DomCop in that you can research expiring domains/deleted domains. Game Designers
Clerks Network Sci-Tech Within 10 minutes I had two offers at $150. I told them I would think about it and one raised their offer to $175. This morning I had an email waiting for me from someone that offered $299. I accepted the offer and am now in the transfer process with them.
Below are Some of Those Expensive Domains … It wasn’t a great school year for Steven McDonald. He didn’t win a single track meet, and he was rejected or wait-listed by every college he applied to.
Visit The Site This business model works for almost anyone who has at least the basic knowledge. I think that this article should provide you a complete idea about how to go for it. The rest depends on how you utilize your intelligence.
To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy Ok, so moving on… Granted, a $20,000+ domain name is probably more than any novice domain flipper would start out with, but you get the idea.
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    Dhanu March 30, 2014, 7:40 pm
    These old school domainers make most of their money from buying and selling domains and then some of their money from parking their domains with domain parking companies like or Even Google are in on the act now and they offer domain parking.
    Here is another site where you can see historical price data and search for what domains sold for with similar keywords as your domain. I use this tool below often, and it’s free, so bookmark it!

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    I’ve had mixed success with flipping so I turned to buy and hold, the main difference is you make money when you buy the site not when you sell it.
    Why does my parked page look different than my other domains?

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