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Liquidity Managed VPS RECOMMENDED CONTENT Another person bought for $19,000 and sold it for a whopping $300,000. Write a customer review
Hi llias, thanks for your article. I learned something today and it certainly got my thinking.Once you find a domain name how much does it cost to list it or advertise it on Fippa, Godaddy or Namecheap? Thanks for the Adwords Keyword Planner, I will get good use out of this. The Domainer Elite looks a great place to start.
Ad by Zoho Many domain flippers start out in this industry making no more than a few hundred dollars per month by putting in at least 50 hours of work. This translates into working for as less as $ 3 – $ 4 per hour initially. Are you prepared for that?!
Domain flipping – 25% comission Which is why I recommend you use tools to help you sort through the hundreds of thousands of domains up for grab at these auctions.
It is more of a gamble that you must be willing to take. If it hits, it can literally make you a millionaire and if it does not, you get zero return and lose your invested money. Example –
Thanks for this great info. The graphic clarifies stuff I’ve never been to sure about, it’s great to see it demonstrated so well. That alone has gotten me up and ready to get rid of some aging domains.
Domain Name SearchTransferNew TLDsPersonal DomainMarketplaceWhoisPremiumDNSFreeDNS Traffic: If the website has proven natural traffic then again this will add more value.
Test Prep Subscribe to get FREE weekly updates…. Hosting In addition to Flippa, Sedo is the other most active online domain marketplace.
$1,050 Sewing, Quilting Learning how to make money by flipping domain names can be challenging not only for beginners but also for more advanced online marketers.
Regardless of whom you purchase the domain from, the first step is to move it to your registrar. There are obviously many out there but my registrar of choice is It’s not a super popular registrar but they’re extremely reliable and I love them for a few reasons:
Learn How to Negotiate Best Price for Domains good vibes > bad vibes My buddy is making 6 figures a year flipping domains. All he’s using is one simple newsletter he receives. Then selling any domain he wants to sell.
Option 2: You negotiate a % or flat fee with the domain seller
Apple HomeKit Our Services macwarren Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Checklists So, here are some other alternatives –,, DomainNameSales, eBay, NameJet, and Afternic and are some other popular marketplaces.
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1&1 Products Sell on Amazon Business All these were the factors which you should consider before buying a domain. Additionally, you need to know about the different types of domain names and extensions which are mentioned below.
maxG This is really an amazing side hustle. I totally wouldn’t have the guts to drop the kind of money you have, but with your expertise in this area, it seems like you have a leg up compared to most people. It’d be hard for me to turn away $45k for a domain name, though!
This course has been designed for both newbies and experienced marketers who want to make a huge amount of money by flipping domain names. Premium domain names go for a lot of money – sometimes millions of dollars and in this course I would show you how to make such money without having to spend as much.
This is nice because it can allow novice domain flippers (like myself) to research what domain names are hot on the market, what value these domain names have, and how the marketplace functions.
Hello There are many risks that would-be domain investors should carefully consider before buying and selling. The three largest risks are liquidity, subjectivity and legality, but there are also many other ranging from misleading appraisals to faulty escrow payments. Would-be buyers should carefully consider these risks before investing in domain names.

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John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years.
Last night I spent some time on the site and found well over $7,000 worth of domains. That’s just $7,000 on the domain valuation. They would sell for a lot more to the right person since they’re aged premium brandable two word domains.
Length: This is pretty self-explanatory. Generally the shorter the domain name, the more valuable it is. This difference in value decreases exponentially as the name gets longer, though. For instance, the difference in price between 3 and 4 letter domains are significant, while the price difference between a 7 and 8 letter domain would usually be much less significant. August 14, 2017 at 7:45 am I use a lot of tools. The ones that have helped me the most over my journey have been the following (in no specific order):
Monica MySurvey: Is known as #1 paid survey site. Take paid surveys anytime and anywhere via PC, Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone or Mobile App. Join MySurvey Now My little nephew spent a few hours on the beach last Tuesday, and collected several beautiful seashells. He set up a table at our yard sale and sold them for a tidy profit.
February 11, 2018 at 4:17 pm relevance for the search engine Secure payment once transfer specifications are met Yes, domain flipping may require a great deal of practice and expertise but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to make quite a decent amount of money by flipping domains on a regular basis. Below are some great tips for newbie domain flippers that you might find helpful.
36m Company Info However I believe that it should not be difficult for you to earn a few hundred dollars every month if you are just starting out. 1. Sell Your Domain Name Online
Start Your WordPress Blog Finding Expired Domains With Domain Authority
Domain Auctions Using a Broker to market premium domains
Affiliate Marketing : Even though this is a great way to make money online, it requires very specialized knowledge. If you don’t have the right training or lots of time to practice, it’s very hard to make any real money quickly.
ProGamerMag looks good mate, why don’t you optimize it? Try to increase its ranking and PR, so that you can some more value to it and sell it for higher price!? 🙂
x xxdot com Terms of Services With any venture to make money online, you need to start somewhere and this is no different with domain name flipping. Even though this is actually quite simple to do…. you do need to lay the groundwork!
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  1. Set a fixed price for a domain name that you want to sell or invite bids from potential buyers and sell it to the highest bidder.
    Logo Maker
    Domain buying just seems like one of those things where I’m a day late and a dollar short.
    Google ads are everywhere. You’ve seen them, you’ve clicked on them, you’ve probably been annoyed by them. They’re unpopular, but they make money, so using them on your old domain name’s web space makes sense.
    When looking for hot keywords, here is a general guide that might come in handy.

  2. When your looking for domains to sell in the software, after you have done the search… you will want to look at and pay attention to the first words in the domain name, WHY?
    4. If necessary, we may request a specific link to a specific page.
    You may argue that those domain appraising companies are there to help establish prices. But there is no guarantee that unscrupulous businesses may not come out with ridiculous valuations in order to drive the market up north.
    FreeValuator is a lifesaver when it comes to managing the whole process. It is a true domaining platform. They also have an app available. You can use their Domain Generators to come up with clever names, create lists and purchase them straight from them at cheap prices. Not to mention all the tools they have for checking all sorts of domain stats. It really is worth checking out. (See link above)
    Mar 3
    Noga Kainan
    So I think people need to really assess why they are dabbling in domain investing? If you don’t understand branding, linguistics, have a great sales pitch? Owning stock in Verisign or GoDaddy might be a better way to participate in the upside of domain names.

  3. Top Legit Programs
    Updated on: February 21, 2018 By Amy Kennedy 1 Comment
    How To Flip Domains – See How I Made $2,600 This Week
    but i have some questions.

  4. Ultimately, a domain is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. You can ignore the 12-24 months of revenue rule, and someone might pay whatever you are asking because they want that domain and can afford it. That’s likely why Facebook, the social network, paid $8.5 million for in Sep 2010.
    Today, I have my portfolio split into long-term and mid-term domain names with a much bigger focus on selling to end users as opposed to other investors.
    Great read too, keep up the great wofk.
    Technology News
    Domainr. This is a handy Web tool to quickly determine which TLDs for a given domain name prefix (SLD) are available. Also lets you easily see Whois info for a domain and find a domain registrar.

  5. The domain I registered passed these tests and has a nice TF and CF statistic.
    There is one more thing that is very similar and works almost the same way – it is website flipping. To flip domains or websites successfully, you need to have specialized knowledge. Not necessarily difficult, but it is not widely known. For newbies, it is highly suggested to try domain flipping as it is less risky comparing to website flipping.
    Puneet Gera
    Affiliate Marketing
    Multi-Language Dating Website Portfolio Generating over $800k+ In Reve…
    Adding a variation for a second search term to add onto your first.

    Finding Profitable Domains Using Google Keyword Tool
    Thanks a bunch!
    August 5, 2017, 8:08 am
    Trade Services
    Contact Me

  7. This is not true. You might say that profits can tend to be lower, but I can tell you first hand that I have sold hand registered domains for huge profits. In one case, I paid $8.29 at GoDaddy then sold the same domain through GoDaddy for $2,250.00.
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    Want more money?

  8. Yes! Selling domain is an emerging trade and no wonder if it can develop into an exchange. has been initiated with this view. There are some good ideas in the comments regarding which names to buy and how to grow their value. However one must not forget that it also involves a recurring cost (annual renewal) and keeping many of them might become difficult if you are not really selling at least a few to cover it. Enjoy free listing at
    Company Formation
    How to Use Instagram Like a Beauty Brand
    Typically, a domain will cost you anywhere from $7 to $14.99 or so. But you can almost always get them for way cheaper.
    Answer this question Flag as…
    – Keywords (for either SEO, Branding or Resale/Leasing purposes): exact match where possible.
    Wifi Millionaire
    iPad app
    Get a FREE month of unlimited access to classes! Redeem Now >
    These refer to names of countries or cities. Again especially new and emerging places can potentially land you a nice profit on your investment. Your potential targets could be some that developers may wish to build some community based portals, or design brand new services to cater to those particular communities.

  9. FCP ISF : definition
    Mark Topic as Read
    Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to copy some short snippets of code to your website and display the ads.
    What is a domain? Despite this word being mentioned so frequently, it’s often unclear what the functions and structures of domains are. Knowing the hierarchical structure of the Domain Name System (DNS) is fundamental for anyone working in IT or in any online industry. We explain the difference between top-level, second-level, and third-level domains, and how you can benefit from subdomains that…
    Selling Online
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  10. Sagar Shah
    How To Start A Blog in 2018 (Updated)
    With new G’s there is to much supply and the renewals on premium names are a killing.
    Thank you for your comment, Josh! Glad you found the post helpful. It was meant for beginners indeed so I’m happy to hear that you found value in it.
    What are you thoughts on this?

  11. jennita edited 2015-03-21T15:50:00-07:00
    Click here for more record breaking domain sales.
    February 10, 2018 at 11:21 pm
    54+ Real Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate)
    Build a mini PBN: If you own a few domains with some decent link juice potential, you can use them (very cautiously) to promote your own money-making website.
    The Green Swan
    If I am reading it correctly you’ve not only made yourself $400 profit but you’ve also paid yourself for 38 hours work.

  12. Novice
    Step 3 – Buy your Domain with the most potential
    or you may just get lucky registering a new domain at a domain registrar…
    Find a Domain
    A Large Multi-Niche Site vs. Small Micro-Niche Sites

    Great read too, keep up the great wofk.
    From freelance writing, to phone farming, I think it’s fair to say I’ve dabbled in quite a few areas.
    In case you don’t know, there are over 300,000 domains being registered every single day and if you count that is more than 109,500,000 registered domains every single year. These numbers are only increasing every year.
    relevance for the search engine
    Is there any good books to learn how to flip and get contacts of someone wanting to buy?
    Domain Cheese.
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