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Alok @Find A Freelancer FerdiS says: I am slowly moving out of the quick-flip business as the competition has become fierce in the wholesale auction market. I have also put a much bigger focus on my domain name brokerage company, Starfire Holdings. Brokering (whether acquisition or sell side) high quality, six- and seven-figure assets is quite a thrilling experience, and I am becoming very addicted to it.
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Of course, you never actually did anything with it. In 2013, it was estimated that a massive 40 percent of registered domain names were in fact “parked” (or unused). That’s not far off half!
I am talking about Matt Stevens. He knows how to turn a $10 into $100 or even $1000 through the techniques of domain flipping. Raymond, great story on dot tv. I still cant get over the OLD craziness of those 25k and 50k renewal fees Verisign used to have on those. I still love the dot tv extension. I am so glad I only own dot tv’s with the standard renewal fees of $25-ish per year. I don’t think I would have ever made any money in dot tv if I had invested in any of those 1k+ per year renewal fees. So yes I could have lost my ass if I grabbed every great GEO dot tv that was priced at $1k+ per year. It was tempting but I never bit. I knew it would have been extremely risky so I moved on towards only standard renewals.
Gomer Magtibay but i have some questions. Hence, those high-priced domains are obviously the exception rather than the rule. I found an untapped vertical of domain names, generated a list, and began running bulk availability checks through GoDaddy. I ended up registering around 90 domain names. Is there really a profit to be made on a $10 domain? Find domain with popular keyword that buyers would be interested in. Tagcloud
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“.COMs” are not necessarily more valuable: × Your only job as the domain owner is to maintain the registration of the domain. This means if you lease it out for 3 years then you just need to keep it registered for those 3 years. Simple!
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Sedo and GoDaddy are the most preferred website to sell your domain names. They possess huge active audience to buy and sell domain names. You may find a number of ways to list out your domain for sale.

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Early Retirement Blogging, Marketing, and Passive Income Posted at 12:33h, 21 November Reply Bank Accounts GoDaddy Pro You can sell domain names for two or three dollars, all the way up to several hundred dollars or, in some cases, thousands of dollars. It all depends on the amount of competition. Starting out, you can auction the names to get a feel for the amount of competition for them. As you learn the ropes, you can set prices according to how popular you think each name will be.
So the fundamental concept is very simple. The best thing is that you can sell as many domains as you want at the same time. Depending on which domains you choose and how you decide to promote, you will make sales.
Arelle says: Pros: Margins paper thin? Share this: SEARCH Whois Lookup Resources and Tools The most important criteria for determining a domain’s value: Fezbucks says: Domain Authority is a SEO metric that was developed by Moz.
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Just like launching any kind of business, you’d have to perform a lot of market research and planning. If you’re going with method 1, learn everything you can about parked domain names, finding potential buyers, and the auction process.
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Generic business names, such as dentist or chiropractor, can be great investments when combined with geographic names. Make Money Online Domain Flipping: Selling Domains, a Step by Step Guide. Kindle Edition
Most domain registrars have sales throughout the year, so it’s a good idea to keep up with the sales to score the best deals. Best Hard Drives
750K- 1 Million Some domains I buy to sell and others I hold as long term investments. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to invest in domain names! Millennial Money was one that I saw huge potential in and now others clearly do too. It was going to be hard for me to part with it – even for $45,000. But let’s just do the math.
With SnapNames, you can thus buy domains even if they are already registered. All it keeps is around 20% commission on the transaction. About us
Show More IT Certification Those are few killer tips. But I would prefer .com>.org>.net as I have seen many .org domains go for a higher price when compared to .net.
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