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Account Executive – Small to Medium Business The value of a domain depends on the number of suitors. If there are alternative names available, a buyer may register a new domain or go for the cheaper option.
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GoDaddy Store When domain names are not in use, their owners have the option of selling them in what is called the “domain aftermarket.”
CASH.” Read More The opportunity to find good domains on new domain extensions is much bigger. Some of the hot new domain extensions are .TECH, .STORE, .ONLINE, .FUN, .SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE.
What is domaining? July 27, 2018 4:12PM EST Exchange rates
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If you can’t wait ofr a domain to reach the right price, this business is not for you. February 6, 2018 at 1:39 am How to negotiate your way to more profits
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Niraj Tulsyan (@NirajTulsyan) says Domaineering Show off your .social domains – If you have some .social domain names you’re proud of, share a few with other .social investors and check out what they are buying.
Hey Pronob, Starting @ 114.99 USD / yr Name * Mobile devices No but I’d consider it Pablo Says:
WordPress Solutions But over time, as you see just how profitable domain flipping can be, it will be easy to start researching new markets, looking into what is coming next and perhaps even capitalize on future popularity.
February 5, 2018 at 12:18 pm In February 2012, was sold for $9,500 (around Rs 4.75 lakh), according to, a domaining news website, giving the domain name owner stupendous returns.
webdomain, Apr 8, 2015 Share#12 How to Invest in Guitars China’s newest investment craze is short domain names
Domain name speculation also occurs in country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) such as .uk, .de and .us.[5] The German TLD consists of over 12 million domains.[6] The UK’s domain has over 7.7 million domains registered according to Nominet’s domain registration statistics webpage,[7] mainly in its commercial sub-domain These TLDs are mature markets where good domain names may command high prices. The EU ccTLD is an example of what happens when speculative activity overtakes “ordinary” domain registrations.[8] A combination of an inept registry (EURid)[9] and excessive speculation by businesses exploiting a poorly structured regulatory framework[10][11] meant that, according to EURid’s own statistics at the end of 2006, over 50% of the registrations could be considered at best speculative and at worst domain name warehousing.[12]
Will’s current owner lose the domain name? It’s possible. This can be a real headache if their domain management systems are hard to use. If this is your first time purchasing a domain, then choose a domain registrar that is user friendly.
Yet that does not mean that a geo targeted exact match is not going to give you an edge over certain competators, in fact I have developed most of these domains with basic websites to rack up domain age and some sort of reputation.
Content If you’ve opened up your mail lately, you’ve probably noticed that 0% APR credit card offers have now replaced AOL Free Trial CDs as the most abundant piece of mail in the world. Well, some card issuers have taken the free credit offer one step further by offering you something called a transfer check, which is simply a 3-18 month interest free loan. They make the offer to entice you to use their credit card, but if want to live dangerously, this can also be an easy way to come up with some quick cash. This advanced financing method, known as balance transfer arbitrage, will allow you to use that “free” money before the offer period expires, then pay it back. This is a very risky technique, however, because if you run into emergencies or other financial problems and cannot pay back the free loan before the regular high interest kicks in, then you are sunk. But in a situation where you come across the once in a lifetime deal, engaging in ‘balance transfer arbitrage’ may be worth the risk.
Politics (9) Web Hosts and Domain Names IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: If you’re looking for specific advice on picking domains that are going to make you a fortune, you won’t find it here. This is an informational resource, not an investment advisory service.
1&1 makes buying your domain name simple. The more complicated part is on your end in figuring out what you want your domain to be named. Once you have figured out what you want your domain name to be, 1&1 helps you with the rest. When you purchase a domain with 1&1, the cost is inclusive all the registration fees and affiliated E-Mail accounts with 2 GB storage space. Choose a domain package you need, and the registration is free. It includes sub-domains, a control panel, E-Mail account and support. Furthermore you use the website builder provided to you by 1&1 to construct your own website around your new domain.
Today’s Deals sold for $3,500! 3 0 Future Potential: Think about what’s next in the world and see if you can buy the name first. Do you know rocket powered sneakers are the next big thing? Try buying the domain name RocketPoweredSneakers(.com) and sell it when it’s at the peak of popularity. It’s currently available, I checked, you can buy it now.
Powerful pointers Andrei, especially about quality over quantity, selling to end users and developing a strong position to negotiate. Support +
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sreintbiz July 29th, 2008 at 1:06 pm So You Can Negotiate a Raise of $5,000 or more Business computer systems Video: How to Create A Facebook Page for your Website
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Phone numbers and hours 75 went “After 10 years of hard work I am thrilled to find a new home for Domaining Europe. NamesCon is the only entity to carry on this conference in the spirit of all involved, be it attendees, sponsors, or speakers. I want to thank all participants of Domaining Europe in the last years and wish the team of NamesCon Europe all the best for the future.” — Dietmar Stefitz, Domaining Europe
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Facebook, Privacy and Cambridge Analytica One other factor is that there were auctions and premium releases… Most we’re paid by new sales, but if it was temporary debt, I didn’t mind. I’d prefer not to miss out on a calculated opportunity.
Mobile One of my friends recently asked me where to go to learn about Domaining. Of course I first introduced her to which is always the first place I send anyone interested in learning about domain name investing. Then I introduced her to three of my all-time favorite blogs, DNJournal, The Domains, and Domain Name Wire, and last but certainly not least pointed her to DNAcademy.
domestic animal Best Web Hosting Services How to add proxy bidding in auctions.
Domain investing hasn’t even started October 8, 2017 at 10:28 am
Should I just keep my day job? Leaving this aside, I hope that Francois Carrillo will do better with what I am going to write here: i kinda disagree…misspelled domains works wonders soemtimes 😛
So what are some strategies to finding great domains to flip?  Well, the first is to find quality domains.  There are some sights that publish a daily list of good upcoming Namejet auctions like here: .  This is an easy way without having to search to find some great upcoming auctions to bid on.  If you have the time you can search Namejet yourself.  The key is to making money by flipping domains is to find domains that other people will want.  If the 30 day window period just started on a domain (for this example let’s say it was you could use Google to search for ‘anticareer’ and ‘anti career’ and see if you can find people who own sites that may be interested in this domain.  Email them and ask them if they’d have an interest in purchasing the domain  If you get some bites you can then go and bid on the domain and if you win it you can flip it right away.  Once you get some experience it will be easy for you to spot the domain names which you can quickly and easily flip and you’ll also develop a good feel for what price you should pay to make yourself the amount of profit you want to make.
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My intent of writing this article is to bust all such myths associated with the domain names and domain flipping industry. I’ll inform you about many little known facts that none of those gurus or e-books tell. This information is based on all that I’ve learnt personally over the years. Let’s begin!
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