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I flip domains each month. Sometimes I sell 2 or even 1, sometimes I sell 5-6. My average sale is around $300 and are almost all domains I pay less than $25 for. I would say my average domain purchase price is $12ish. I can typically sell 1 domain in 4 that I send emails out for within a week. Total time invested in each sale is typically less than 2 hours total (including setting up and explaining the buying process). I would say not counting scanning the lists I am easily making over $100 per hour selling domains. I put maybe 5 hours a month into scanning lists but I enjoy that aspect and were I not doing it I would probably be wasting time online anyway.
Ilias November 6, 2017 Stick to the .com TLD when you’re starting out. There are 750 active TLDs at time of writing, but the majority of domain names are registered on the .com TLD. A distant second is the .net TLD.
Learn How to Negotiate Best Price for Domains Hi Andrew, you can scale it by reinvesting your earnings and buying more domains. There are many available domains and you can find many opportunities in you can discover new niches. will keep a minimal 10% commission out of the sale but that’s a huge profit, given that you have invested in the right domain names.
@ Gene I am with the other camp, where I look at domain speculation and acquisition an opportunist and non productive business practice as well as a miserable way to do do business. I am sure you can justify the opportunity, but to compare it with bricks and mortar investment is a pathetic way of hiding opportunistic greed. Using words such as ethical, moral right has no place in in the conversation.
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Is the Seller required to transfer the domain to the Buyer’s registrar? If you want to sell at auction, your reserve price on your listing should reflect the lowest price you’re happy to sell your property for.
How To Sell Domains With Most Profit Property Management Understandable, since you don’t have the information necessary to make such a recommendation. And I don’t mean that in a disparaging or condescending way. It’s just that many of your comments are based on assumptions that are not correct.
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100 Sites to Get Free Books Thanks J.Money! I definitely have a domain problem! I’m planning to focus on selling more of them this year while the market is hot.
Interior Services Makes sense that the people who create “splogs” would be into getting an appropriate domain name as well. I also notice a lot of sites based on slight misspellings of known brands or companies.
It is totally integrated with Domain Samurai and allows you to easily search all of the above auctions/brokerages in one place and it also allows you to see important SEO metrics behind each domain.
Flippa is like a matchmaking site for online property buyers and sellers. There are many services out there willing to manage a portfolio of domains for you, funneling you whatever profits you make from the parking. These services are usually worthwhile, simply because they save you a ton of time you would otherwise spend in managing your domains. On the other hand, you have to pay for the service, so you need to balance the costs versus the potential profits.
How to profit from flipping domain names- Easy For Newbies. Strongly disagree. Quality domains are easier to sell today, because it’s increasingly difficult for a business to find one on their own.
HOW IT WORKS Review rules: Other Domain Research Tools: …and the best thing about this is, you don’t need to be a tech wizard to succeed, so without further ado… let’s jump RIGHT ON IN! 512 1024 Wallet Squirrel Wallet Squirrel2017-08-10 12:35:142018-05-02 19:08:39Domain Flipping: Make Money Buying and Selling Domain Names
Search Search More and more new types of domain extensions are coming in the market, and they are named as Modern Top-Level Domain Extensions. Not Enabled This post will contain:
Learning more about an expiring domain’s history can prove vital for the final part of your domain vetting process! With .com you could have gotten some decent names 10 years ago reg. fee, now these days everything decent and non decent are catch by HugeDomains and NameJet.
Patrick Chukwura I already talked about it before. But I couldn’t explain thoroughly how people actually enter the market and make maximum profit. In any case, I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post on online side hustles and making money online!
How to Make Money as a Domain Name Reseller? Is ‘smart’ domaining, rather than just farming sites, better income sheeps? How does one make money from domain parking? Password* By Jake Cain Alex says: Sedo Domain Marketplace Box Office Data ComiXology Mike
Conclusion on Domain Flipping .ME March 9, 2017 at 2:39 pm Latoya | Femme Frugality Now remember, there’s no need for a huge budget. If you purchase a domain from a registrar usually the price is around $10 for ownership for an entire year. That’s nothing. If you decide to buy expired domains or wholesale domains, then $100-500 a pop, tops.
Newsroom Contacts Topics Subtotal $0.00 Digitalguide Just like launching any kind of business, you’d have to perform a lot of market research and planning. If you’re going with method 1, learn everything you can about parked domain names, finding potential buyers, and the auction process.
If there were a contest related to sales and profit on NON .COM Made Easy Prime Now
My Sedo Renew your Domain How To Get More Views And Subscribers On YouTube ClickNewz! Internet Marketing Blog February 2, 2018 at 4:52 am
As you can see, they aren’t perfect systems, but you can use them to make money both through the parked advertising and through selling the domains when interest appears. You can also choose not to sell the domain, though domain parking systems usually include “buy this domain” or “this domain is available” calls to action.
How to Launch your New Website – an Easy to Follow Checklist by BoldGrid November 22, 2017, 5:29 am 4:48 pmAugust 5, 2017 Mari But I’m sure we’ll agree to disagree…
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Domain Transfer Where do you sell your domains? December 2016 Step 13: Be Aware of the Risk Involved. Andrew says:
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Menu Test Prep This works best when you can equate a time-frame to a specific event during that time. An example here could be
Best Investing Tools Most auction sites will be heavy with competition, and many of the domains for sale also include a full pre-constructed web site that may already be generating a profit. Before listing your domain for sale, it is important to ensure that you’re not stepping into a market that is saturated with full website and domain packages.
0 Comments If someone just bought a domain for big bucks, you can sell them a similar name – I can’t tell you how many times someone has told me, “I just bought this name for $x,xxx and I’m going to flip it to a guy who just bought a very similar name for $xx,xxx so I’ll make a huge profit!” Just because someone just shelled-out five or six-figures for a name doesn’t mean they’re willing to do it again for a similar name. Knowing what someone just bought might not be quite as useful as you might think, every person is different which means every domain sale is different.
Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images Which company is your preferred for domain leasing? I did a search on Google for domain leasing and came up with “Lease This” and “Lease My”. Would love to hear more about domain leasing.
Brand Bucket puts a nice twist on things, I really like it. With a quick google search, you can find similar websites. I also have a guide that shows you how to find good websites on Flippa.
October 26, 2006 at 1:43 pm May 8, 2015 As I said above, when you register a domain name you will pay almost ten dollars. Also, it is not a secret that domain names have been sold for millions of dollars. You can understand that the guys who flipped that domains are now millionaires.
Secure registered domains once they’re available Perhaps the most obvious is eBay, where you’ll be able to create a listing in the Domain Names category (you can also sell websites here), with the sub-type field set to the top-level domain: .com,, .net, and so on. eBay will give you the biggest audience for domain names, but there is a good chance that the eyes that see your listing won’t necessarily be looking to buy.
What are you thoughts on this? There’s a whole bunch of ways and variables attached to valuing a domain and the old school domainers only tend to bother about the following: After my spout of learning, I decided it was time to take my findings and test them in the real world. I noticed a particular domain name related to apps had just sold for six figures, so I decided to go “mining” for app-related domain names.
Once you have a name in mind, how do you know if the price is fair? I like to use to compare the domain I’m thinking about buying with similar domains that have sold. You can enter the keyword and also use some advanced search features to see a list of names similar to yours, what they actually sold for, and when they sold. You can also research current domain sales on venues like GoDaddy Auctions and Afternic. Finally, Ron Jackson issues a weekly report on DN Journal that covers the top public sales of the week. You can use all these resources to help you price your domains correctly.
Premium Hosting Liquidity Because it would help you understand its earning potential and help you make a clear idea about how much you can actually expect to earn if
If you mean any of that I just don’t know how you do not see how is categorically different and is garbage. Use these links to get started:
This works best when you can equate a time-frame to a specific event during that time. An example here could be News & PressRead our News and Press Releases
Please hand reg more dot whatever and leave the dot com to me. Resellers It lists available common domain names, similar domain names, SEO domain names, short, funny, interesting ones in separate categories.
Which method did you use to find buyers and contact them? What about the one you sold…was it by way of email? #16 – Market to an end user directly. You can directly seek out people or companies that you think will be interested in buying your domain names. Make them to buy your domains. Use some ethics and impress them with your domains stats and traffic rank.

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Money Beagle February 11, 2018 at 11:25 am AfterTheDot – Specializes in the sales of aftermarket domain names from their private portfolio through this website. Vic
Find your treasure GoCentral See all 6 customer reviews Hi llias, thanks for your article. I learned something today and it certainly got my thinking.Once you find a domain name how much does it cost to list it or advertise it on Fippa, Godaddy or Namecheap? Thanks for the Adwords Keyword Planner, I will get good use out of this. The Domainer Elite looks a great place to start.
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