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like the type of additive, to the baby’s damage very difficult estimate.

The cola type beverage is also what mother-to-be forbids to drink.The general cola type beverages all imply caffeine, cola rather, dye etc., excessive cola rather, the caffeine after getting into the pregnant woman body will cause central nervous system system excitement, produce fidgety discomfort, breath to speed, fat meat tremor, once moved soon, suffer from insomnia, have a ring in the ear, dimmed eyesight etc Michael Kors Outlet Online. is bad to respond.The caffeine can also pass a placenta function at the baby and make maternal inside of baby directly under the bad influence of caffeine.Erupt to give birth to baby death, birth weight over low etc. poisoned result.

Moreover, some beverages imply Lin material and too many of the Lin absorb the meeting interference skeleton system absorption calcium and lower skeleton strength thus, extremely disadvantageous to the baby’s normal growth.

Hate a people’s food four:Heat condiment

The heat condiment includes little fennel, star anise Hui, wild pepper, pepper, cassia, five cosmetics, and hot pepper powder…etc. these condiments.Pregnant woman edible heat the condiment consume bowel way humidity very easily and make stomach and intestines gland the body secrete decrease and make bowel way dry, constipation.After occurrence is constipated, the pregnant woman has to be made an effort to hold back breath to have a bowel movement and make the stomach press increment, oppress an intrauterine baby and easily make fetal movement uneasy, premature etc. bad result.? All neglecting their a little bit own small troubles at a lot of mother Yuns of period in fact is incorrect like this, never despise these small troubles, will also give because of some small troubles your bring very great harm.

Along with the progress and development of medical science, cause habitually abortive reason already basic explore clearly http://michaelkorsfactoryoutlet55.webs.com.However, expel the chromosome abnormality of husband and wife both parties, womb inborn abnormal this inborn factor after, also have many unknown factor the day after tomorrow can also cause to have a miscarriage.

26-year-old Li Song Yan is an unfortunate”mother”.Pregnancy of time because the weather is too hot, the crest wears abdominous of Li Song Yan have to be foolish every day in the air condition building.Inception she just feels that the nose a little bit blocks up, the throat isn’t big comfortable, but doesn’t dare to eat without caution a cold medicine, “pretty stand pass by”, the viewpoint feel thus, she didn’t care too much as well.

Can have never thought Li Song Yan unexpectedly on burning to is 39.5 ? , return a companion to have a heart palpitates to speed, have a headache at the same time, dizzy etc. symptom.Send to a hospital and pass monitor and discover, baby’s heart palpitates keeps on speeding, every minute at 180 above, but normal circumstance next every minute the flutter scope of the foetus heart at express the baby at this time 120-160 times is placed in anoxia status, although through salvage, end the kid still didn’t protect.

Li Song Yan of of so don’t protect a kid, is because hate to cure towards catching a cold to get a fever of the small illness of the type not enough value, for the sake of baby health but Hui disease.Here, the expert wants to remind each mother-to-be, the Yun period suffered from small trouble to can not despise, either, because it may be the baby’s”murderer” that captures you very much!In fact, being not each medicine will hurt a baby.As long as the persistence safety is used the principle of medicine, the baby still can safe and sound be born http://michaelkorsoutletonline2013.webs.com/.So, which Yuns expect small trouble to probably become baby”cutthroat”?Expert will for you 11 thin count.

A, be constipated

Although it is said be constipated be not what big disease, but its harm can not neglect.

Is foreign latest research achievement enunciation:Teach an age female constipation, will lose to living the opportunity that the son teaches a female, cause because there is a kind of special compound in the excrement, will hinder to ovulate to teach not.Pregnant woman constipation also probably results in baby’s abnormal’s even hasing a miscarriage.

Be taken bad reason:

The constipation is in the pregnant woman still more familiar of, the reason lie in, pregnant empress a lot of mother-to-bes ate many for the sake of the baby’s healthy growth rich contain a nutrient food, make food too fine, contain the food of residue to correspond decrease michael kors outlet store.At the same time, many female pregnancies mostly don’t like exercising behind, but like to lie on the bed motionless, such along with the baby’s growth, the womb continuously enlarges to subsequently start oppressing rectum and results in the peristalsis frequency of stomach and intestines’ weakening.And have a bowel movement strength help

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