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antinomy.In fact, naturally harmonious must there is so much contrary theory there very much, all of the contrary theory are what person constituteses.Natural”the existence is reasonable of”, not reasonable is what person constitutes by himself[herself].

Below mainly see the example that people use a right and wrong method combination.

1, George?The shell gram Lai thinks “the existence is known by the feeling”.This together the thinking and existence is same similar, be known by the feeling of just the existence wasn’t known by the feeling nonexistent;Is also at experience outside then no longer have and also is not likely to haven’t to rely on empirical objective existence.He says that what call a thing?The thing is a heap of idea or felling to gather(combination).For example we feel certain color, voice and flavor and shape, and degree of hardness…etc., erupt now they combine together, hence use a “name” to mark it, be called”some thing” to it.So, when we say a some thing”existence”, be point us to have so a heap of felling, if didn’t feel also what also have no.Shell gram Lai why have thus of reckon?We see an example, your in front contains a piece of big rock, and you saw this rock, hence you feel its existence.That when you didn’t see it you use what come to prove its existence?Once you shut an eye, it can’t disappear without a trace?Though this experience that not agrees with to match us;But I insist thinking once I turn round, this rock was eliminated by miraculous strength to put on, or say the property of thing be so:Existence when you observe, you don’t observe nonexistent.What way do you have to answer criticism this(thinking combination)?In spite of you use what way help, use a mirror to reflect an etc. such as the others, can not prove when the person doesn’t see rock it definitely existence wholesale nfl jerseys;Is also say a person at the sight of the rock, the rock exists;On doing not see it, it disappears, is can not the certificate is false.This is to say while doing not observe rock, the rock has been existing there to be just our thinking combinations, equally we can also combine it nonexistent coach outlet store online.(The Xi week dream in the Chuang is a beard Die, alive however beard Die also, from Yu proper ambition with!Don’t know that the week is also.Russia however feel, Qu Qu however week is also then.Don’t know that the dream of week is a beard Die with, the dream of beard Die is week with?Week and beard Die then necessarily have the Yi in cent.This it calls a thing to turn.-In fact, existence or not in the brain just sign, have no to in response to the attribute of thing, Chuang week and the true or false of the beard Die is an equivalent in the brain.)For this irritating problem, it is said that had a physicist to hear, also can in anger say that he wants as kicking the rock on the road kick the part to the shell gram Lai.Because science is depend on an observation, science can not also prove a shell gram Lai the mistake of this thinking combination.Modern philosophy to this thinking combine is not from science angle either to come to certificate false, but the usage”the razor of Ao Kang” to shave something to drop;Namely if we think that the rock has been existing, we constitute of the cosmos will be a simple cosmos, otherwise we must need two sets of theories to explain a cosmos, or want God to promise this existence.

Hence, the shell gram Lai thinks and says at the felling outside still have is a certain don’t rely on a felling of existence, isn’t only”not apprehensible”s but also a “self-contradictory” cheap nfl jerseys.Because the impassability leads a felling, we then can not have any understanding, is not likely to affirm existence any;Since passed to feel, so our knowing each other then is what only own felling provides, is impossibly a certain don’t rely on a felling of thing.Thus, the contents of felling and idea is impossibly objective coach factory outlet;People can not conceive and have in thought what be not thoughted of thing, have in felling what be not felt of thing, object and thought are impartible, they are same.So have already settled a dispute thing and true differentiation.The thing is an idea, it can be known by the feeling, passive thing;It really is a spirit, also is depended on by idea to keep both lie in things in it.Really can not be directly known by the feeling, can be considered and comprehend;So cosmos in include of the whole objects, in the public outside all have no independent existence;Their existence lies in behaving the heart the consciousness, know, only having spirit, consciousness be can move of, so as to truely become the reason of creation idea.This also proved the god’s existence.

This is the true or false judgment problem, namely AN and the true or false of the non- AN is just artificial rules.I am to stipulate true or false with eyes here, not combine with the Related articles:

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